Thursday, 25 December 2014

Six year jail for Tenancy contract forgery

Tenancy contract forgery is becoming a serious issue in Dubai. People are get caught in the nets of fraudulent PROs, who offer to make arrangements for tenancy contracts and get ejari certificates for residence visa process. Becoming a part of this method will end you with the legal proceedings. 

Tenancy Contract Dubai - Ejari
Sample of Tenancy Contract Dubai - Ejari
The procedure to get a tenancy contract registered with the Dubai Land Department’s Ejari system is very simple. There are various authorised typing centres across the emirate providing this service. Still some people fall prey to online ‘fraudsters’ who ‘sold’ them fake registration certificates.

Whether it is a lack of awareness about the Ejari process and the concerned law or just avoiding it, several residents still approach some ‘brokers’ or PROs who post their services through online websites to help them get the tenancy contract registration certificate and get the family visa transaction done. Obtaining such fake certificates will end you in the Dubai Courts, for criminal cases for aiding and abetting other accomplices for forgery. 

No tolerance for fake Documents

Counsellor Ali Humeid bin Khatem, Advocate-General and head of the Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution, told that the claim of innocence by some defendants in such crimes will not taken into consideration. “They claim to be innocent and that they are victims of fraud even as they tried to trick the law by using a forged document. They don’t even have an authentic tenancy contract and they seek the help of such fraudsters to acquire one.”

The PRO or broker, in such cases, is also traced through the typing centre where he submits the fake document even if he is in another emirate. “We will not spare any effort to bring them to justice.”
Some claim to have paid up to Dh1,000 or more to the “PRO” to complete the procedure to get necessary documents including the Ejari certificate while the certificate costs Dh195 only.
“None would pay such a huge amount if he is not aware he is doing something wrong. They can’t claim to be gullible since they have tried to break the law by committing or aiding and abetting in forgery,” Bin Khatem pointed out.

The tenancy contract is a guarantee by the applicant that he has a good accommodation to receive his family members before he can obtain a visa. It is not an obstacle for not providing visas but to ensure that they would take care of their families and secure them a decent accomodation during their stay in Dubai.

The top prosecutor said that the residents, who required to apply for visas for their family members, should, indeed, have an accommodation, whether rented or owned.

The tenancy contract registration certificate is a document proving that the tenancy contract is authentic.

Ejari is an electronic system started by the Land Department at authenticate the tenancy contracts in Dubai. Thanks to the Ejari system, forgery cases are being easily detected and exposed.

Ejari Certificate Process
  1. A resident can apply for an Ejari Certificate through any typing centre in Dubai.
  2. The applicant should submit:
  • Emirates ID
  • Passport Copy
  • A recent DEWA Bill
  • The original Tenancy Contract or the title deed copy of property or residential unit.
Residents still fall victim

The Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution has been warning, through the media, residents against forging tenancy contracts to obtain residence visas for family members, But some people, currently caught in the middle of legal cases because of the forgery, are claiming to be innocent victims of fraudsters who would simply vanish after the forgery is exposed.

People are giving money for arranging tenancy contracts to evade the huge rent amount required to obtain residence in Dubai. Such people will be charged by court with aiding and abetting these fraud PRO's in forging and using that forged tenancy contract registration certificate.

Attested Tenancy contract is a part of the documents required for the visa processing to obtain a residency visa for the family.

Paying cash for a forged document is a big mistake and will cause legal trouble and would possibly end up being jailed and deported. You could be caught at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) when you will went there to complete the visa process or to collect the visa.

Penalty for forgery

According to Article 217 of the Federal Penal Code, whoever forges or uses an official forged document shall be sentenced to a period not exceeding five years in prison. According to Article 121 of the same law, the courts, both Criminal and the Misdemeanours, may order the deportation of the accused, if found guilty, in forgery cases.

“The crime of forgery bears a penalty starting from three years in jail. However, the court may sometimes give the defendant six months in jail if extenuating circumstances were found in the tenancy contract forgery case,” said Bin Khatem.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Status change or Visa change process inside Dubai

Status Change or Visa change is a immigration procedure to change the current visa to employment or family residence. This visa bulletin covers the above process in Dubai.
visa change in Dubai

Employment Visa

If the Employment Visa applicant is currently inside UAE on a Visit Visa or his previous visa is cancelled and did not exit from the country, the applicant has to complete the following procedures for changing his/her visa status .

1. Firstly you have to make an application for new Employment Visa by paying Dhs 1020 (plus Dhs 30 typing charge) as fees for issuance of visa inside the country. This amount can be paid online at typing centers or at the Immigration counter in cash.

2. After issuing the employment Visa you have to pay Dhs 540 at typing center and make a status change application. The  original Passport, new Visa, current Visit Visa (if any) are required along with this application.

Status change should be done before the expiry of visit visa or grace period (if your visa is cancelled  and waiting to exit UAE). After status change only the applicant's file will be transferred to the new sponsor.

FINE: If the delay is occurred by he applicant, then a fine of AED 25 per day should be paid at the time of  status change application at Immigration counter. If the applicant is on Visit Visa, fine amount may be different. Medical can be done only after status change.

Residence Visa (Family)

If you need to transfer your current visit or cancelled visa to Residence Visa, AED650 extra payment should be made to get visa issued inside country. You can select to pay at typing centers or Immigration counter.

After issuing the Residence Visa AED 540 payment should be made for status change application. The. original Passport, new Visa, current Visit Visa (if any) are required.

Status change should be done before the expiry of visit visa or grace period (cancelled visa holders waiting to exit or new residence). The applicant's file will be changed to the new sponsor only after completing this process.

FINE: If the application is delayed, AED 25 per day fine should be paid at the time of  status change at Immigration counter. If the applicant is on Visit Visa, fine amount may be different. Medical test can be done only after status change.

• Status Change can be done to Family Residence Visa, Employment Visa and Investor/Partner Visa.

• Tourist Visa holder cannot change status to  Family/Residence Visa, Employment Visa and Investor/Partner Visa.

• Tourist Visa holder must exit to any neighbor/home country and enter on new visa. Fly Dubai, Air Arabia arrange Dubai-Oman-Dubai service for Visa Change.

• Infants and old aged people can apply for continuous Visit Visa and change status from Visit to Visit without exit the country. There is no online application for this type of status change and fees Dh650 to be paid in cash at Immigration counter. This Multiple Visit will be issued on humanitarian basis only and with special approval from Entry Permit Section Director at GDRFA-D.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What are the documents required for Status Change?
A: Original Passport, new Visa, current Visit Visa (if any) are required

Q: Do I need to type application for Visa Position Amendment / Status Change?
A: Yes

Q: How much is the fees for status change?
A: Dh510 (typing charge extra)

Q: Within how many days should I do status change after my new visa got issued?
A: Before expiry of your Visit Visa (if you are on Visit) and before expiry of your cancellation grace period (if your pervious visa cancelled)

Q:  Is the Status change possible if I am on Tourist Visa?
A: No, Tourist Visa holder must exit to any neighbor/home country and enter on new visa. Fly Dubai, Air Arabia arrange Dubai-Oman-Dubai service for Visa Change.

Q: Can I do medical test before status change?
A: No, you should attach status change paper with 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Use new App for applying UAE Visa

Abu Dhabi: The new app System is introduced by Ministry of Interior's in their plan to achieve paperless transactions by year 2015.

The new smart phone application from Ministry of Interior which will enable individuals to apply for UAE visas. The app was launched on Sunday by MoI.

Screen view of MOI App
Screen view of MOI App
The new app has the facility to apply for several types of visas. The system is connected to a database which contains all the information about applicant, as per the official quotes which came in WAM.

This will allow the software to automatically check for information very quickly and accurately, and provide information to users accordingly and notify them in case any changes are required.

Once the visa is issued, the visa will be delivered to the location specified by users in the application.

Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs, said that the initiative will allow citizens and residents of the UAE to get access to routine immigration and other interior department services without being required to visit any MoI centre except in cases where physical presence is needed.

Al Khaili also added that his department will seek to achieve paperless transactions by next year. Work is progressing for enabling visas to be sent out to entry ports and individuals via e-mail.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ajman Residency department reviews mechanisms for issuing visas

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Ajman has explained the mechanisms to activate the new visa issuing system created under Ministerial Resolution No. 22 for the year 2014. The new visa issuing system deals with the regulation and development of the services of the Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs Section, which includes visas for tourism, medical treatment, and study.

Ajman Visa
The discussion was held during the meeting of the committee responsible for reviewing the issuance of these visas at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Ajman and chaired by Brigadier Mohammed Abdullah Alwan, Director-General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Ajman.

Brigadier Alwan highlighted the importance of the decision to amend some of the regulations of the Entry and Residence of Foreigners Law. The amendment is in accordance with the U.A.E. Vision 2021 which aims to place the U.A.E. among the best countries in the world by responding to the requests from the community and by supporting economic activities, tourism, and social development.

"The new resolutions issued by the U.A.E. leadership are to achieve service quality and efficiency in accordance with the expectations customers have of the U.A.E.’s Federal Government," Brigadier Alwan stated.

The meeting was attended by Colonel Khalifa Rashid Al Ghamlasi, Head of Resources and Auxiliary Department, Colonel Rashid Hilal Al Suwaidi, Head of Information and Follow-up Section, Lt. Colonel Khaled Hamad Bu Shihab, Head of Legal Affairs Section, Lt. Colonel Ahmad Ibrahim Al Mana’i, Head of Entry Permits and Residency Department, Lt. Colonel Adil Abdullah Al Shamesi, Head of Entry Permit Section and Captain Hamid Abdullah Al Matroushi, Head of Foreign Offices Section.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

UAE to issue 4 Days emergency entry permits

The UAE immigration department had announced the facility to issue emergency entry permits, as per the Federal Cabinet decision No 22 of 2014, regulating rules for naturalisation and residency visa services.

UAE emergency entry permits
Dubai Airport Terminal 1
According to the media report, passengers on an airline will be eligible for an emergency entry permit. This permit will be valid for four days against a fee payment of Dh100.

The media report quoted Brigadier Dr Rashid Sultan Al Khodr, Vice-President of Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Interior and official spokesperson of Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs.

Al Khodr stated that the permit will be granted to passengers in emergency cases at airports, when a traveler is sick or a flight is cancelled due to bad weather conditions or a technical fault in the aircraft. This law is intended for emergency cases only.

The report also quoted Al Khodr mentioning that the emergency entry permit is issued in keeping with the pace of development at all airports across the UAE. It also considers the situation of emergency traffic at airports.

"Entry permits for studies or treatment has not been changed, but the visa policy has been amended. These types of visas are now valid for multiple entry," Al Khodr stated, adding that these changes are in order to promote medical tourism and facilitate the quick and easy movement of people. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Quick list: Types of visas and fees

The following is a quick list of the new visa fees implemented in United Arab Emirates as per the new rules and federal cabinet decision.

  • Employment Visa (Government): Dh200 
  • Employment Visa (Private Sector, Free Zones, Investors): Dh250
  • Residence Visa (Government) Dh200 Residence Visa (Private Sector, Free Zones, Investors): Dh250
  • Employment Visa (Domestic workers sponsored by Emiratis, GCC citizens): Dh150 
  • Employment Visa (Domestic workers sponsored by residents): Dh200 
  • Employment Visa (Domestic workers sponsored by investors): Dh250 
  • Residence Visa for real estate owners: Dh1,100 
  • Multiple Entry Visa for work: Dh2,100 
  • Visa for medical treatment: Dh550
  • Multiple Entry Visa for treatment: Dh1,400 
  • Residence Visa for study or training: Dh550 
  • Multiple Entry Visa for work or tourism: Dh1,500
  • Entry Visa for GCC State Resident’s Companions: 150 
  • Renewal of GCC State Residents Companions’ Visa: 250 
  • Entry Visa for GCC State Residents: Dh200
  • Renewal of GCC State Resident’s Visa:Dh700 
  • Transit Entry Visa: 100

The above fees was announced through newspapers in UAE.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Don't need to pay visa fees

Employees are not required to pay visa fees to their sponsor. There are no laws in UAE which states that an employee should payback the employer against the visa expenses. Some employers in UAE insist their employees to pay visa charges if the employee ask for the cancellation of his employment visa from the company.

As per the UAE visa rules, if the employee requests to terminate his employment contract, then the employer is not entitled to receive any amount of money against the visa fees incurred by the employer.

It may also be noted that there are no laws in UAE which says that an employee should payback the employer towards the visa expenses.

It is against the law if any employer is doing like this and it is the contravention of Article 60 of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980.

Article 60 Re: Regulation of Labour Relations states that:“No amount of money may be deducted from a worker’s wage in respect of private claims, except in the following cases:

  1. Repayment of loans or money advances paid to the worker in excess of his entitlements, provided that the amount deducted in this case shall not exceed 10 per cent of his wage.
  2. Contributions that the workers are required by law to make from their wages, towards social security and insurance schemes.
  3. The worker’s contributions to a provident fund or repayment of loans due thereto.
  4. Contributions towards any welfare scheme or in respect of any other privileges or services provided by the employer and approved by the labour department.
  5. Fines imposed upon the worker for any offence he commits.
  6. Any debt exacted in execution of a court ruling, provided, however, that the deduction made in execution thereof should not exceed one-quarter of the wage due to the worker. Where there are several debts or creditors, the maximum deduction shall be half the worker’s wage, which shall be divided pro rata among the creditors, after payment of any legal alimony to the extent of one quarter of the worker’s wage.”

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Use E-form for Emirates ID and Save 30aed

A senior official from Emirates id said that the 10-step online application, is very user-friendly and also saves Dirhams.30 per application form for companies and individuals.

With only 5% of the Emirates ID applications are made online, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIA) has requested the public to use the service of “highly developed” e-form website to save money, time and work.

Aisha Al Raisi, Director of Central Operations Sector of Emirates
Identity Authority, said that they process
10,000 to 13,700 application forms every day. “Some 95% of these applications are done at the accredited typing offices while the remaining 5 percent are processed through online websites.”

The EIA processes over 4 million ID applications every year and these include issuing new ID cards, renewal or replacement against lost or damaged cards.

The authority has given licenses to more than 1,400 typing offices across UAE for providing ID card services. An resident can easily apply for an ID card through online by following just 10 simple steps that take 10 to 15 minutes only. The e-form is available on the EIA interactive website (
Using this online service will help you save Dirhams.30 as typing charges per application.

Getting an ID card in normal cases will take only one week from the date of application. All the documents and information entered in the eform must be correct, accurate and complete. Otherwise, the application will be rejected and the applicant should visit the centre for verification and clearance.

Al Raisi said that they have started a special unit for training the staffs of typing offices to provide smooth service.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

UAE Immigration announces New Visa Fees

UAE Immigration has announced new visa fees and rules with effect from Aug 2014. The latest policy implements new multiple entry visas for students and medical tourists.

UAE Visa Fees 2014

The UAE has started implementing the new visa fees structure from August 1, after it was endorsed by the federal cabinet in Abu Dhabi, local newspapers reported. The federal cabinet of United arab emirates is the final authority to issue new laws and rules in the seven emirates.

Visa fees have been increased for certain types of visas. At the same time, new multiple entry visas have been introduced in the new system and it is available for medical tourists, students, and business visitors.

The move comes in response to needs of UAE residents and community members, a Ministry of Interior spokesperson said to the local media. The complete schedule of the new visa fees system will be posted on the website of the interior ministry within the next few days and will be updated with you once it is available.

Companies in UAE that do not change the legal status of their sponsored workers on time will be imposed with fine of Dirhams 1,000 for each worker.

The government will also impose a fine of Dhs5,000 on companies or individuals who misuse the residency system or submit fake reports. The repeated violators within a year will have their fines doubled.

Following are some of the new visa fees with effect from Aug 2014:

  • Employment visa (public sector): Dhs200
  • Employment visa (private sector, freezones, investors): Dhs250
  • Residence visa for family members of expatriates (public sector): Dhs200
  • Residence visa for family members of expatriates (private sector, freezones, investors): Dhs250
  • Residence visa for family members of an expatriate worker sponsored by a national: Dhs150
  • Residence visa for domestic helpers (working for Emiratis, GCC nationals): Dhs150
  • Residence visa for domestic workers (working for expatriate residents): Dhs200
  • Residence visa for real estate owners: Dhs1,100
  • Transit visa: Dhs100
  • Multiple entry work visa: Dhs2,100
  • Study or training visa: Dhs550
  • Medical treatment visa: Dhs550
  • Multiple entry visa for medical treatment: Dhs1,400
  • Visa for patient’s escort: Dhs1,400

Friday, 25 July 2014

Civil case possible for not providing visa

Civil case is possible in UAE against a prospective employer if they fail to provide a new visa. Civil cases in Dubai are handled by Dubai Courts and Notary public.

If you had resigned from your previous employment after getting another offer letter and cancelled your visa. But your new prospective employer has not started any procedure for obtaining a work visa for you and the new company is not responding in any manner. Can you file a complaint against the new company or employer?

The Ministry of Labour does not have the appropriate
jurisdiction in this matter since there is no employment relation between you and your prospective employer.

In this situation, you may continue to follow up with the future employer for information and updates on your work visa. If you find that the prospective employer is not responding to your enquiries within a reasonable period, you may consider civil case, claiming for compensation in view of the fact that the employer induced you into leaving your job by promising a new job and then failing to fulfill their obligations.
The compensation may be claimed for employment loss and monetary benefits, mental harassment and also for breach of contract. You should have an original offer letter signed by the new employer with details of new job.
You should have sufficient proof to support your compensation claims at the court of competent jurisdiction. Letters and email communication from the prospective employer will add more support for the case.

It is advised that you appoint a legal practitioner in the UAE to provide you with necessary help in this case.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Prohibited Mailing Items in UAE

The following items are prohibited by Dubai customs department from mailing thourgh e parcel or normal mail.

The mailing or courier of following items may bring a hefty fine by the
Dubai customs and loss to the sender.
  • Aerosol products.
  • Butane gas lighters and refills.
  • Firearms, ammunition, and their components.
  • Gold, jewels, platinum, precious stones, and silver except in insured parcels.
  • Perishable infectious biological substances.
  • Perishable noninfectious biological substances.
  • Polished, whitened, artificial, or imitation pearls.
  • Pork products.
  • Printed matter offensive to Arabs and Muslims.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Radio transmitters and receivers except under permit.
  • Restrictions 
  • Medicines require prior authorization.
  1. Shipments, whose value does not exceed Dirham's 500, are exempted from Customs procedures.
  2. Parcels that are not commercial type and contain personal items are generally exempted from all customs procedures in Dubai.
  3. Shipments that exceed 500 dirham's in value and are commercial items shipments must be accompanied by following:
  • Original invoices authenticated by the Consulate of the UAE or Dubai Chamber
  • Authenticated certificate of origin by the Dubai Chamber
  • Packing List of the contents of the package
  • Certificate of exemption from duty, if applicable.
The following Customs Forms are required for fulfilling the customs procedure in UAE:

First-Class Mail International items and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes require PS Form 2976 and Priority Mail International parcels require PS Form 2976-A inside 2976-E (envelope).

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Leave salary payment in UAE

As per UAE labour law companies have no authority or right to ask an employee to go on loss of pay for a definite period other than normal annual leave without the leave salary payment. Employee doesn't need to look the status of company's financial position like whether it is good or bad. Can an employee be forced to go on loss of pay because of financial losses of a company? The answer is "No" as per the federal law regarding employment in UAE.
As per the UAE employment law employees are not responsible for the company's financial liabilities and profit or loss. They are only responsible for their duties as agreed up on by the company in their employment contracts. If they fulfill their obligations as mentioned in their employment contracts, then, it is their right to receive their remuneration.

UAE Employment Law

Article 56 of the UAE Labour law clearly mentions that: "Employees engaged on a yearly or monthly remuneration shall be paid at least once a month. All other employees shall receive their remuneration at least once every two weeks."

Employment law in UAE states that the employees are entitled to receive 30 days leave with pay when they completed 11 months of work. It has to be noted that as per the UAE Law, even in case of liquidation of a company, employees are given priority over debtors. Keeping in view the above injunction of law, no employee can be coerced to go on loss of pay because the company cannot pay the agreed remuneration.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Notary Public in UAE

Notary Public services in Dubai and other emirates are offered through Courts in the different emirates of United Arab Emirates. Dubai Courts has enabled an e-Notary service where you can apply for a ratification and this will be reviewed by Dubai Courts Notary Public and an appointment will be scheduled for the delivery of service at your own convenience.

Dubai courts is the official authority to make judgements for civil and criminal cases in Dubai. Notary public Dubai services are provided by government through this channel.

In cases like employers not paying the final settlements of your salary and you are in a state to change the job, then you can accept the notarised undertaking letter from the old company and sign the cancellation papers.

In the procedure of changing a job, the worker has to sign a ratification that he received all his benefits and gratuity from his employer. Such ratification is considered an official document.

The only solution you have if the company is not able to pay your dues now, is to have an undertaking letter and get it notarised from the Notary Public in UAE before you start the procedure of changing the visa. Such a document might be valid in court and you will be able to challenge the other official document.

Otherwise, you will have to start suing the company from now and apply for temporary work permission until your case is concluded.

Monday, 2 June 2014

New biometric rule in UAE for Saudi visa applicants

Visa applicants to Saudi Arabia, including people for Haj and Umrah pilgrims, who are applying from the UAE must now have their fingerprints and photo taken in addition to other regular visa requirements.

The new Saudi visa rules went into effect on Sunday. The new biometric procedure for the visa application will cost Dh17. This is implemented to to speed up the entry formalities to the Saudi kingdom.

However, following people are exempted from the biometric rule.

  • Applicants aged below 12
  • Applicants aged above 70
  • Diplomatic visa applicants
  • Persons who cannot complete the process due to a medical reason

The total time taken for this process is 3-5 minutes for the fingerprint and photo capture.

Applicants for visa must visit any of the three VFS Tasheel visa service centres in the UAE — in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah — which process Saudi visa applications.

VFS Tasheel is authorised agent by the Saudi foreign affairs ministry to handle the Saudi visa application process in more than 30 countries.
VFS officials said that the biometrics rule has been made mandatory by the Saudi ministry. They also said that the company does not store or use the biometrics information in any way.

Pilgrims who need Haj or Umrah visas must visit a visa service centre for capturing biometric data. However, their other usual formalities for visa procoess will continue to be managed by an authorised Haj or Umrah agent.

Once the travel agent completes the pilgrim’s Enjaz process, the agent will need to schedule an appointment with the nearest visa centre on the applicant’s behalf.

All visa applicants must make an appointment for the biometrics capture on the VFS Tasheel website -

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Dubai Tourist Visa Expiry

Dubai Tourist visa is issued for a period of 40 days from the date of entry into any UAE port. A visa extension is possible and if you extend the period it will enable you to stay in the country for a total of 60 days.

Dubai tourist visa
Overstaying in tourist visa without extension has some problems. If you didn't inform the sponsor or tour agent about the overstay they may file an absconding complaint in the Dubai immigration department. It will attract police case and legal proceedings against you as per the UAE law. I advice the people to renew their visa if they need to overstay for 2 or 3 days in UAE. Overstaying charges are calculated at the time of exit.

If you got an employment offer while on tourist visa then it is possible to apply for a work permit. You will need to exit from the country to complete the work visa procedure.
Tourist visa renewal is possible by directly contacting your sponsor or tourist company from where you got the visa and pay them the required fees. Then they will renew it by o
nline for twenty more days.

Dubai tourist visa is the easiest option for tourists travelling to Dubai with less procedures.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to remove bank account hold due to job change

In UAE it is a regular rule by banks to hold the final settlement amount if the customer has loans or credit cards. The companies in UAE will submit final settlement cheque along with a letter mentioning that this is their employee's final settlement and they have no further liability for the employee loans or credit cards with the bank. Then the bank will put your account under hold and you have submit some documents to remove this. Unless the account hold is removed you will not be able to make withdrawal of final settlement amount.

Banks in UAE
The following describes the procedure for employees who have resigned from their job and joined another company. As per the bank policy in UAE, customers who have credit cards or loans should submit a Salary Transfer Letter from the new company and a copy of their new visa stamped in the passport. Thisi is required in order to continue with any of the liabilities they have with the bank. 

If the above documents are not submitted after a job change then your account will put under a hold. The submission of Salary Transfer Letter and a copy of new visa stamped in the passport will enable you to make the usual transactions in your bank account. This is done by banks to ensure the safety of their financial liabilities to an extent.

Friday, 16 May 2014

How to get Ajman visa for non working person under Investor/Partner sponsorship

The article describes the procedure for residence visa stamping in Ajman for persons who are not permitted to work under the sponsorship of Investor/Partner visa. 

First you have make an application for the Issuance & Renewal of Residence Permit.
Get a token number at the Inquiries Counter for the Transaction processing.
Wait and application submit the at the immigration Counter to review and check the Transaction.
by Empost. This service is available at immigration counter at Ajman/Al-Jarf.

Required Documents for Ajman Residence Visa
  • Application Form for Residency with an affixed colour photo of sponsored person, and signed by the Sponsor.
  • Original Passport of the sponsored which is valid for at least six months.
  • Original Residence Entry Permit.
  • Original Health Fitness Certificate; accredited by the Ministry of Health.
  • Ten-Fingerprint Report and Emirates ID application.
  • Employee’s Employment Contract; provided that his salary not to be less than 4000 Dhs.
  • Receipt for payment of fees; equivalent to one-year salary; to be paid to the State Treasury.
  • Partner Card Fees + 5000 Dhs. for the Partner; payable every three years.
The sponsor or partner should meet the following criteria.
  1. Certified University Degree in the field of business activity.
  2. A bank guarantee deposit of at least 70,000 Dhs.
  3. A list of Sponsored persons under him from The Ministry of Labour. The list should have at least 15 workers.
  4. Partnership Contract of a (LLC) limited liability company in Ajman.
  5. Proof of ownership a real property, the value of which should not to be less than 500,000 Dhs.
  6. Attested copy of the original Industrial Record issued by the Ministry of Finance department handling the Industrial License.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Pay traffic fines if you want to renew your Residence visa

If you have not paid your traffic fines, your UAE residence visa will not be renewed. This is the effect of a new visa rule which however was created before some months. But it was now officially declared by the Ministry of Interior on Monday.

Pay traffic fines if you want to renew your Residence visa
Brigadier General Dr Rashid Sultan Al Kidhr - Deputy Director-General for the Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior for Immigration, Residency and Ports Affairs,  said in a message that those individuals who may have not paid their traffic violation fines will not be able to renew their residence visa. “Clear your traffic fines first and then come for the renewal of residence permit,” Dr Al Kidhr said.

Residents say that the rule, even though officially announced only on Monday, has been around place for several months.

Dr Al Kidhr said that the traffic violation payment is currently linked with the immigration department at the federal government level: “If you have traffic violation fines, you will not be able to renew your UAE visa or benefit from any other immigration-related transactions,” he described.

The official also mentioned that traffic rules violators will never be allowed to exit the country and will certainly be stopped at the immigration counters at air and sea ports unless their fines are cleared. “Now we have the traffic and immigration system linked with all the data system online.”

He further declared that all the concerned departments have been informed about the new rules and asked to upgrade their data system.

An official at the ministry stated that the laws and regulations may added to include bank defaulters, specifically credit card holders who actually have never settled their debts.

Dr Al Kidhr said the ministry was looking at expanding the recovery of fines to all types of immigration and other government transactions. “Recovery of fines will be included to every government departments. The traffic rule violation fine recovery is the just beginning. No one will be spared,” he described.

“Those who fail to pay their traffic fines may also have their accommodation rental & leasing contracts cancelled. People cancelling their residential rental contracts and going out of the country have to prove that they have no liability at the traffic department if they have vehicles registered under their names. Every information will be in the centralized data system shared by the immigration and other departments.”

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New rule on family visa is only in Dubai

UAE immigration official has clarified the reports on salary limit for family sponsorship. An official at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) denied the report of changes in the minimum salary requirement for individuals to sponsor family members. The denial report has came today and it is still not clear whether the changes are applicable only in Dubai.

Earlier, Dubai immigration officials had told media that the minimum salary limit has been increased. The change has made from the AED.4,000 or AED.3,000 plus accomodation to AED.10,000 or AED.9,000 plus accomodation per month for Dubai residents who want to sponsor their immediate family members on residence visa. The officials had also said that the AED.6,000 limit as the minimum salary requirement was made in Dubai for more than a week ago.

Dubai family visa
Dubai is the most sought out place in the world
 for work and living with lot of shopping malls and
places to enjoy.
However, still there is no official clarification came from immigration department. As per Gulf news report, today another GDRFA official has denied the report of increased salary limit. As per the report transactions are taking place as per the previous visa requirement of normal AED.4,000 salary requirement.

As per the report, the changes in visa rules will be announced at federal government level and decrees will be issued. So far the GDRFA official website didn't show any change in the residence visa requirements. 

DNRD customer service (Amer) is not aware of any of these changes and replied that the salary limit for a Dubai resident expatriate to sponsor his family members remains at Dirhams 4,000 or Dirhams 3,000 with accommodation.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Change in Residence Visa rules

Dubai has made some changes in residence visa rules with effect from 1st May 2014. As per the new visa rules a person working in a private company should have Dirhams 10000 salary or Dirhams 9000 plus accomodation in labour contract to sponsor his wife and children on residence visa. Earlier this was Dhs. 4000 or Dhs.3000 plus accomodation.
Dubai Immigration - DNRD
The new visa rule will not affect people
 renewing residence visas of their families
who are already living in Dubai. 
The labour contract must be attested from the immigration department.  General Directorate of Foreigners and Residency Affairs informed that the new rules will be strictly followed. The changes will not affect the residents who already have a residence visa and they can renew it with the old labour contract.

The list of documents required for a family residence visa includes the spouse’s recent passport photograph, passport copies of both husband and wife, and children, and a copy of the applicant’s valid residence visa.

Visa Application forms are available at accredited typing centres at the headquarters of the GDRFA in Al Jafliya area, or at any of the over 20 external centres.
A salary certificate for government employees or a contract of employment for private staff is also a must.
The applicant will also have to bring an attested marriage contract, a tenancy contract, a recent electricity and water bill, a copy of the Emirates ID card, medical insurance, as well as an attested birth certificate in the case of children.

Visit visas

DNRD officials clarified that the conditions remain same for visit visas for families — Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 with company accommodation. “Applicants of all nationalities except two countries need to be drawing a monthly salary of only Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 as well as accommodation as was the case before,” he said.
“Only Egyptian and Syrian applicants for a family visit visa are required to be drawing a monthly salary of Dh,10,000 or Dh9,000 plus accommodation – the same condition as in family residence visa,” he said.

Update: 02.05.2014

The DNRD officials has reported that the reports came in the media is wrong and the salary limit for sponsorship remain same at 4000 Dhs as per UAE Visa rules.

Traffic Fines now linked to Visa - Pay traffic fines if you want to renew your Residence visa

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Resignation under Limited Contract

Resignation from a UAE job is a matter discussed mostly by the expatriates. The following section provides clarifications on the matters that will affect an individual who has given resignation under limited contract.
UAE Visa - Resignation under Limited Contract

Question: My limited contract expires in this month. Can I give resignation now?

Answer: Yes, you can now submit your resignation from the job.

Question: I am working in a private company in Dubai for last four years. Do I need a  NOC (no-objection certificate) from this company to join another company?

Answer: As per the rules of Ministry of Labour; a no-objection certificate is not required for work permit in the new company. Since the employee has completed more than two years in service, he can join another company with out any labour ban.

Question: Is it mandatory for the person to serve notice period after giving resignation letter?

Answer: The employee is not necessary to serve a notice period because the employment contract is a limited one.

Question: The offer letter stated that my gross salary will be Dh12,000, plus accommodation provided by the company. But the labour contract from the Ministry of Labour signed by me and sponsor shows salary as Dh8,000 plus accommodation. Will there any problem with this at the time of final settlement after resignation under limited contract?

Answer: There will not be any problem with this. The final settlemet should be made as per the last salary drawn by you. You can prove this in court or labour ministry that you were paid a salary more than that mentioned in the employment contract.

You can submit bank statements and pay slip copy (if you receive any) as proof of higher salary.

Question: I started working at a UAE company in Feb-2010 on a visit visa and company residence visa was stamped only in Mar-2010. What is the period for which my gratuity amount will be calculated? Is it from the day I started working or from the day my visa is stamped by the company and signing of the labour contract.

Answer: The working period will be calculated by the court or labour ministry starting from the first day the worker has joined the company. Gratuity is calculated based on the last gross salary received by the worker instead of the salary mentioned in the employment contract.  End-of-service gratuity is calculated on the basis of 21 days for each year of service for persons who have completed more than 3 years in a company. Resigning from the job after the completion of a limited  contract is not a violation as per the labour law.

Question: I am working under a limited period employment contract for 3 years and I have asked my company not to renew the same. Then who should pay the costs of my return ticket to home country?

Answer: As per the ARTICLE (131) of UAE Labour Law: The expenses incurred for repatriation of an employee to his home country or any other place agreed upon by both parties shall be borne by the employer. If the employer failed to do so, then the  competent authorities should do this at the employer’s expense by way of attachment.

If the cause for termination of contract is due to the employee reasons like fraud,cheating the company, etc then his repatriation must be arranged at his own expense if he has the mean to pay.

If you have completed your limited period contract and don’t want to renew the same  then the employer is obliged to pay your return tickets.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Labour card for Partners in a business

A partner in a business establishment is not considered an employee. Therefore the partner of a business is not required to obtain a labour card from the UAE Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. For immigration and visa purposes, a foreign partner of a business organization will be sponsored by the entity he is a partner in, as an investor instead of an employee of the company and he will deal directly with the immigration authorities and does not need to go through the Labour Office.
Partner Visa - UAE Business Setup
For this purpose his name should be on the business entity’s trade licence and subject to a minimum investment requirement in the company. However, if the business partner holds an employee position additional to his partner status, he will be treated as an employee for the job he is performing in the company. In other words, employees working on a commission basis are also considered as employees even if they are business partners in the company they are working.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dubai Health card benefits

Dubai Health Card is a good asset for you; if you are living in Dubai and work for a private company. The Dubai Health Card is issued to people living in Dubai who has a valid residence visa.

Dubai as a transit hub for many continents consider health requirements very seriously especially because of the workforce coming from various parts of Africa and Asia.

Health card is a must for you if you want medical treatment in government hospitals and medical centres. This is an additional item apart from the normal mandatory medical fitness test which is used to check for communicable diseases.

Dubai Health Card is very easy to obtain and helps your stay in Dubai. The Dubai Health Card works as a basic insurance that cover your expenses for emergency operations in the governmental hospitals of Dubai. The Dubai Health Card is issued by DHA and medical services are available in government hospitals and medical centres.

The card can obtained from one of the governmental hospitals, such as the
Latheefa hospital, Rashid Hospital or it can be get through online website of Dubai Health Authority.

Documents Required

1. Valid passport copy
2. Valid residence visa copy
3. Tenancy contract copy
4. Original passport or emirates id for verification of identity.
5. Two nos. passport size photos with white background

A fee of dirhams 300 is charged for children and dirhams 500 for adults. The Dubai health card is issued with a validity of one year, while residence visa may be valid for 1 to 3 years. So ensure that renewal is done on time to keep it valid throughout your stay in
Dubai. This is important because without a valid health card you may not get the free medical services of government hospitals and medical centres in united arab emirates.

The Dubai Health Card after a year can be renewed on the website of the Dubai Health Authority who controls all health related laws and regulations. The online renewal is a simple process and can also done through manually by filling the necessary application forms. Dubai Health Authority is the main health organization of Dubai. On their website, you can find more specific details on all the check ups which are described for people who wish to work and live in Dubai.

Contact Information
Telephone:- 800342
Fax:- 043113355
Working Hours:- 24 hours
Service Locations:-Health card center at Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital and Latifa Hospital.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to get exemption from automatic visa cancellation

As per the UAE law which regulates residence visas, a residence visa becomes invalid if the permit holder of the visa is living outside the country for a continuous period of more than six months.

The case of staying outside UAE for more than 6 months occur mostly for persons like pregnant women and their accompanied children who are living in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other emirates and holding a residence visa.

If you have gone for a short vacation and later decided to come back only after more than six months due to pregnancy or medical reasons. This means that a person will be outside the UAE for more than six months.

Then Is it possible to avoid the residence visa being automatically cancelled? If yes, how can you do that?

Staying outside the UAE for a continuous period of more than six months is possible if the request for re entry permit is approved by immigration department. However, in normal conditions staying outside the UAE for more than six months will invalidate the permit and the person cannot enter without a reentry permit.

As per the uae visa rules, a residence permit becomes invalid if the holder of the visa stays outside the country for a continuous period of over six months.

However, it is possible to avoid the invalidation of a residence visa even if the holder stays outside the UAE for over six months or 180 days continuously, provided the visa period is still valid.

In order to obtain this exemption from automatic invalidation of residence visa, the sponsor of the visa must apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs and get a re-entry permit from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

This procedure will help you to avoid the invalidation of visa and will allow the visa holder to re-enter the UAE. The applicable fees to be paid at GDRFA is Dirhams.130 for first and then Dirhams.100 for each month of living outside the UAE after completion of six months of continuous stay outside the UAE.

The approval for the exemption is strictly made by the decision of GDRFA.  For example if you have lived outside the country for a total of 289 days then you will have to pay aed.530 to get a re-entry permit. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

How to get Health card in Dubai

Till today health card is not mandatory for Dubai visa stamping. In the coming months Dubai government may implement insurance card or health card as a mandatory item for residence visa stamping. Most of the companies in Dubai are now providing health insurance for employees. Health services in Dubai are provided in three main hospitals (Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital and Latifa Hospital) apart from other DHA centres.

Why do you need a Health Card?

Health Card is issued by Dubai Health Authority to provide low cost  medical services in Dubai based Government Hospitals like Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital, Baraha Hospital and other primary health care centres across Dubai. The health card is mostly used by people who don't have an insurance card to cover their medical expenses.

How can you apply for a Health Card?

Applying for Health Card is simple! You can make the Application form for Health Card at any typing centre or through online in DHA website. You will then need to submit the application to the hospital with required documents (mentioned below). Health Card is issued with a validity of one year and is renewable. If you are facing difficulties while registering online, then you can fill-in and print the following Registration Form and visit the nearest DHA Health Center for registration.

What are the documents required to apply for Health Card in Dubai?

Clear photocopy of Passport (faxed copy not accepted)

Residence Visa Copy
Visa Application copy(If you are applying for health card during your new
Dubai visa stamping process).
Emirates ID.
2 Passport size photographs.
Tenancy contract for expatriate patients.
Registration form for Application for new Health Card (if you are applying it manually)

What are the costs of Health Card?

1. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 0 UPTO 10 YEARS - Aed 110
2. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 10 UPTO 18 YEARS - Aed 210
3. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 18 YEARS AND ABOVE is Aed 310
4. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for locals od age FROM 0 UPTO 10 YEARS is awd5
5. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for age grouo FROM 10 UPTO 18 YEARS is Dirhams 60
6. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for FROM 18 YEARS AND ABOVE aaw2g110

I already have a company issued insurance coverage. Do I still need Health Card? What are the benefits of health card?

Answer is both Yes and No. It is upto you to decide. Normally private insurance companies have a lot of condition in their health insurance policies. They may not cover certain serious illnesses such as Chemo Therapy and other complicated medical treatments. In such cases, your only solution dependable would be a Health Card. It is highly suggested that you apply for a new Health Card Now.
Recent reports said that there will be an increase in the costs for health card in Dubai. So you better get one as possible.

Can I apply online for a Health Card?

Yes. Dubai Government’s IT smart movement enabled mostof their services in online. Visit Dubai Health Authority website to Apply for Health Card online.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dubai law controls eviction of tenants

Dubai rental law regulates the eviction of tenants by landlords. The Landlords can ask the tenants to vacate the flats or villas for reconstruction of the property or recover it for the personal use of building owner.

Articles 25 (2) and 26 of Dubai Law No 26 of 2007 which specifies the relationship between landlords and tenants in the emirate of Dubai mentions that landlords may demand eviction of tenants before the expiry of tenancy contract period in the following situations:

Article 25 (2): Landlord may demand eviction of tenant upon expiry of tenancy contract in the following cases: a.If development requirements in the emirate requires demolition and rebuilding of the property in accordance with government authorities’ instructions

b. If the property requires renovation or comprehensive maintenance which cannot be executed while tenant occupies the property, provided that a technical report attested by Dubai Municipality is submitted to this effect.

c.If landlord wishes to demolish the property for reconstruction or to add new constructions that prevent tenant from benefiting from the leased property, provided that necessary licences are obtained.

d. If landlord wishes to recover the property for use by him personally or by his children.

Article (26): If, upon expiry of the tenancy period, the landlord demands recovery of the property for his own use, or use by his children, and the committee approves the same, then the landlord shall not rent the property to others before one year from date of recovery of the property, otherwise the tenant shall have the right to request the committee to order proper compensation to him.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How to cancel Investor Visa?

Most of the people come to UAE with intention of starting a business. UAE investor visa is issued for investors who need to setup their own company or investing in real estate. Investors cannot simply return back to their home country without closing their company or deals in the UAE. Running away may attract legal complications if the person intends to come back to the country in future. Dubai is now attracting more business men to setup their business.

How to cancel UAE Investor Visa

The following situation describes the procedure for closing a business share in Dubai. A shareholder in a company who is on an investor residence visa issued by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Dubai (GDRFA-D) had sold his 40% share of the company to another shareowner and provide him a consent waiver.  He also received the money for the sold shares.

He now doesn’t have any stake in the company and the residence visa will expire in one month. Can he leave Dubai without the normal cancelling of the visa with the immigration department?

As per the legal view the investor may not leave the UAE without cancelling the visa at immigration department. The person should first make a sale agreement between him and the new purchaser of the shares, get the contract documents attested by the Notary Public in Dubai. 

It should be done in the presence of all partners so they can sign the said contract (amendment to the memorandum of association), and then this contract shall be submitted, along with an application to cancel the visa, to GDRFA. The residence visa will then be cancelled. The procedure is easy and will not take much time, and it is in the benefit of the investor to keep away from any future liability or legal problems in case the company falls into any problems.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

UAE announces visa on arrival for nationals of 13 EU countries

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that citizens of 13 European Union member state governments, who possess ordinary passports, will be excused from the requirement to obtain pre-entry visas to enter the UAE. The rule will be put into place from 22nd March, 2014, in execution of the decision made by the UAE Cabinet in this matter.

The countries included in the new list are: Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The new addition of visa on arrival countries is a happy news for citizens of European Union states.

UAE announces visa on arrival for nationals of 13 EU countries
As a direct result of the above resolution, citizens of all 28 countries in the EU will be authorized to enter the UAE without worrying about the need to previously apply for a visa.

The ministry message about visa on arrival added that all necessary procedures were taken by the Ministry of the Interior to implement the decision at all entry points to UAE.

The declaration continued to state that these types of exemptions will improve political relationships between the UAE and European Union. It will help in the further development of economic connections and bilateral trade and will also help in to promote mutual investment, while encouraging tourism simultaneously to and from these countries.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Family Visa process for residents staying in hotel apartments

Following is the latest information on obtaining a family residence visa in Dubai for residents staying in hotel apartments. The documents requirements for expatriates who wish to bring their families to live in Dubai on new residence visa or renewal of existing remains same. While there is some procedures for tenancy contract in the case expatriate sponsor residing in hotel apartments.

Normal flat residents will be issued with an Ejari certificate from the Land Department that will have a serial number which will bear the details of the resident’s tenancy contract.

Legal procedure for Family visa application

Dubai Family Visa process for residents staying in hotel apartments
Residents of hotel apartments in Dubai should submit their tenancy documents at the GDRFA-D, as the Land Department in Dubai is no longer issuing tenancy contract registration certificates or Ejari letters for such cases.

An Ejari customer service representative told that residents living in hotel apartments and wanting to sponsor a family member must submit their tenancy contracts, along with other required documents, for verification at the GDRFA Dubai.

Ejari only register tenancy contracts for residents of residential flats when they make visa application for a family member. Regarding the residents who live in hotel apartments they should submit their tenancy contract for verification at the GDRFA.

The applicant must also get a letter from the hotel stating that he is the tenant of a particular room at the hotel and is paying a specified yearly rent amount. The letter should have the hotel manager’s signature and should be sealed using the hotel’s official seal.

The forging and submitting of forged tenancy contracts registration certificates will be caught and be held legally responsible. Using fraudulent techniques to apply for visas to sponsor the relatives will generate legal action against the sponsor. The resident sponsor must posses a rented flat or own property so that they could supply the necessary papers in order to sponsor their relatives.

The Ejari programme in Dubai verifies the genuineness of the tenancy contracts and then issues tenancy contract registration certificates for the visa applicants. Ejari offices are available to you at the Residency and the Land departments as well as in a number of other branches across Dubai.

Penalty for forgery

According to article 217 of the Federal Penal Code, whoever forges an official document shall be sentenced to a period not exceeding five years in prison. According to article 121 of the Federal Penal Code, the courts, both Criminal and the Misdemeanours, may order the deportation of the accused, if found guilty, in forgery cases.

Friday, 28 February 2014

UAE citizens get Schengen Visa exemption

The European Parliament (EP) positively voted on Thursday to grant visa-free travel for UAE citizens to countries in the Schengen region in Europe.This was announced during a meeting held on Thursday in Strasbourg. The meeting posted a majority vote of 523 out of 577 EU members to support visa waiver.
The EU's endorsement of the visa waiver status for UAE citizens traveling to Schengen region is considered as an important stage which will be followed by setting up of a system to implement the decision.The process arrangements to put the decision in to effect will begin by setting up of a joint working team of the UAE and EU, which will implement the decision as soon as possible.

This team will intensify its operations to speed up the process of the establishment of decision as a prelude to the last announcement to allow UAE citizens visa free travel to Schengen cities. Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash,  UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from Strasbourg congratulated the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for this great historic achievement saying that this historic vote is the result of two years of organised and relentless work which was under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister, who followed all its stages from the beginning.

Thursday's EU voting is a reflection of the good reputation enjoyed by the UAE and its achievements on the regional and world levels, Gargash stated and added that the UAE will be the first country in the Arab region which got visa waiver for Schengen countries.

The European Parliament has voted by majority representatives to exempt Emirati nationals from the requirement of a Schengen visa during the vote session held on thursday at Strasbourg. Schengen visa waiver will now allow UAE citizens to travel free to Schengen countries without a visa.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Options for Dubai Visit Visa renewal or extension

The citizens of countries who are eligible to receive a free visit visa on arrival in Dubai have 2 options for visa renewal or extensions.

Visa extension - can be done only one time for 30 days at the DNRD counter.
The fee for this process is approximately dirhams 500 and procedure is comparitively quick and easy.

Visa renewal - process requires you to exit from uae through a border check point and come back directly into the UAE with a new 30 day visit visa on arrival (this is actually not a renewal). The time usually takes for this is considered depending on how far away you are living in uae from a border point, the advantage is that you don't have to pay aed. 500 fees.
This can be repeated multiple times by the citizens of 36 countries who will get visa on arrival in uae.

Hatta to Oman visa run in Dubai, UAE

Documents needed for visarun: original passport, car insurance for Oman if driving a private owned vehicle.

Drive to Hatta Oman border check point. The road wentthrough a section of Oman before reaching Hatta where there are drive-through UAE checkpoints where you will be asked to present your passport and other documents. 
Sometimes documents will not be checked at drive through check points.

From the Hatta roundabout continue driving straight towards Oman. After a few kilometers you can see the main UAE border checkpoint where you must stop and park your car in the parking lot, then go to the passport counter and get an exit stamp from the UAE immigration.

Continue driving for a few more km to reach the Oman border check post for customs and immigration. First check point will be by Omani customs checking your car. They may or may not search your car.

Next stop should be at the immigration department which is a large building where your passport will be stamped with entry and exit stamps for Oman. There is a large sign board that displays "New Visa". You can park you car there in front of the building.

Get inside the building with your original passport, go to the immigration counter. You may be asked by the officials if you are going to Oman for just "in and out" or  for any other purpose. If asked or not asked, say that you are doing a "visa change". You should get both entry and exit stamp for Oman at the same counter. If exit is not stamped, then walk to other side of department and get an exit stamp.

Now you can start driving back towards Dubai. At the Oman customs point you don't need to stop.

At the UAE border post you must get into the immigration building to get an entry stamp. The drive-through check points are for Emiratis (and probably GCC citizens).

The process is now completed. Now you can get back to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or other emirates.


Keep all small pieces of paper you are receiving at various checkpoints - you'll need to hand over them at the next one or somewhere else.

Watch out for speed bumps and speed cameras between the border posts and checkpoints - there are a few of them.

A small shop of Dubai Duty Free is there when you enter the UAE from Oman at the UAE border post. No alcohol is available here.

There are six border crossings available from the United Arab Emirates into Oman.

* Hatta and Al Wajajah
* Hilli and Buraimi (Al Ain)
* Ibri and Nizwa
* Khatmat Milahah from Fujairah
* from Ras al Khaimah emirate to Bukha/Musandam
* from Fujeirah emirate to Dibba/Musandam.

The Hatta-Oman border is a common choose for “visa runs”; because it is a 250 km round trip from Dubai downtown: without any stop it will take around 180 minutes, for one side run.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Visitor under Court Case

If a case has been registered before a court in Dubai against a visitor on visit visa; then a departure permit is required after his case was finalized. Criminal and civil cases in Dubai are strictly monitored to provide transparency and maintenance of correct law.

The following documents has to be submitted for issuing a Departure Permit for a sponsored with a Visit Entry Permit, after his case was finalized.

1. (To whom it may concern) certificate issued by the competent authority clarifying the start date and end date of his case (i.e. Stop Search .)
2. (Original and copy) of the sponsored’s Passport.
3. Travel ticket, as the Departure Permit will not be issued if the air ticket to exit from UAE is not available.

A fees of AED110+ AED50 has to paid at the bank counter in immigration department for the issuance of a permit to leave.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

UK electronic visa waiver introduced for Oman, Qatar and UAE

The passport holders from United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Oman can visit the UK (only for tourism, business or study purposes) through the new electronic visa waiver (EVW) system and stay upto 6 months. The new rule is effective from 01-Jan-2014.

The electronic visa waiver form can be filled online and submit to UK immigration for free of charge and the process is faster than applying for a UK visa. The applicants do not need to provide biometric information (photo and fingerprints). There is no need to attend a visa application centre or hand over your passport in advance of travel.

You cannot use this EVW system to travel if you wish to:

  1. Study or stay in the UK for more than 6 months
  2. Join for work in UK
  3. Plan to get married or register a civil partnership in the UK

Basic details

  • An electronic visa waiver can be applied up to 3 months before the travel date and must be completed at least 48 hours before departure to the UK
  • Change in your travel plans require the completion of a new EVW form. Contact the carrier if your flight schedule changes.
  • Each traveller must present a paper copy of their electronic visa waiver at the departure point (air, sea or train) and again at the arrival time in UK. Electronic copies on phones, tablets or personal computers will not be accepted
  • The personal details on the EVW form must exactly match by the details shown in the passport being used to travel to the UK, including any other characters like hyphens or apostrophes
  • The travel details on the EVW form must exactly match the journey being made. If they do not match, you will not be able to travel
  • Each EVW document is only valid for a single entry to the UK
  • In addition to your electronic visa waiver document, you must also present your original passport on departure and again on arrival in the UK

For more details visit :

Monday, 17 February 2014

How to get Tourist Visa in Abu Dhabi

People coming to Abu Dhabi can get a tourist visa or Tourism Entry Permit from establishments and authorities working in the tourism industry. These are classified as accredited travel agencies, tour operators or authorised hotels and they can only request a tourism entry permit. You can not start permanent living in Abu Dhabi with a tourist visa.

The establishments should provide cheque payment with a financial guarantee of AED75,000 to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Abu Dhabi at the time of applying for the establishment card.

Please follow the steps below to get your visa:

    Fill in the application form and pay the fees at any typing centre.
    Submit the printed application along with the required documents at the Entry Permits Department.
    Receive the permit by Empost or immediately in case of submitting the urgent application.

Required Documents

  1. Original entry permit application with a coloured photo with white background affixed in the application duly signed and stamped by the sponsor.
  2. Passport copy of the sponsored which is valid for at least six moths.
  3. Tourism programme of the sponsored should be given to GDRFA Abu Dhabi with the information like arrival and departure date, place of residency and places intended to visit.

Tourism entry permit costs AED110 and extra fee for urgent application AED100 has to pay if you require the visa immediately.

Neither a tourist visa nor a visitor visa does not allows you to join any company for employment or any kind of work in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, a tourist visa cannot be transferred into a work entry permit.

Call GDRFA Abu Dhabi on +971 2 402 4500 for more information and latest updates. Permanent living in Abu Dhabi requires a residence visa.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

No ban on visas sponsored by spouse

No ban on visas sponsored by spouse
Below is a case study and the law regarding labour ban on visa sponsored by spouse.

A wife joined a Dubai based company and her visa is under husband sponsorship.Due to job pressure and internal problems she doesn’t want to continue at the job for her current employer.

The current employer insists that if she resigns within probation period (six months), she will have to pay the processing fee of labour card.The question is whether they should pay the labour card fee and will there a work ban on her?

From the legal view it is advised that the wife is not liable to pay the labour card processing fee as it is the responsibility of employer to bear this fees. The company cannot ask her to make any payments towards any of the expenses that should have made by the employer to obtain her labour card/work permit.

As per the current rules no ban is imposed by the Ministry of Labour on employees whose residence visa is sponsored by their spouse/family.

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