Need Sworn Affidavit to take new Passport for family in India

Indians are required to take a sworn affidavit or NOC to issue new passport for spouse or children in India. As per the new passport rules; to apply a passport for a minor, both parents should be present to apply, or if one parent is absent then a consent in the prescribed format is needed which should be duly attested by the Indian Consulate/Embassy if one parent being abroad. This consent or sworn affidavit in original should be submitted along with passport application. The affidavit from parent residing in India also should be submitted.


This NOC is required if have to apply for new passport for your children / wife in India and you are residing in UAE.  You will need to send a No Objection Certificate (NOC) affidavit to apply for the new passport for children and wife in India. The following documents are required to get the same from the Indian Mission in UAE. The service is available on Friday at Indian Association office in Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates.

  1. Personal presence of the father /mother/ husband making the NOC affidavit.
  2. Valid passport in original and a photocopy (first / last and valid visa page).
  3. Sworn Affidavit in the prescribed format along with a photocopy. (This document has to be signed in the presence of the Consular Officer).
  4. In case of minor born in India, copy of the birth certificate in English has to be produced.
  5. Old passport copy incase passport is being renewed.
  6. Spouse name has to be endorsed for giving NOC to new/renew passport of the other spouse or children
Download FORM : SA (Misc)-II

Fees for sworn affidavit

Attestation Fee AED 40
Service Fee AED 10
Total Payable AED 60

If both parents are present in India at the time of passport application for new born; the this sworn affidavit is not required.

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