New rule on family visa is only in Dubai

UAE immigration official has clarified the reports on salary limit for family sponsorship. An official at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) denied the report of changes in the minimum salary requirement for individuals to sponsor family members. The denial report has came today and it is still not clear whether the changes are applicable only in Dubai.

Earlier, Dubai immigration officials had told media that the minimum salary limit has been increased. The change has made from the AED.4,000 or AED.3,000 plus accomodation to AED.10,000 or AED.9,000 plus accomodation per month for Dubai residents who want to sponsor their immediate family members on residence visa. The officials had also said that the AED.6,000 limit as the minimum salary requirement was made in Dubai for more than a week ago.

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However, still there is no official clarification came from immigration department. As per Gulf news report, today another GDRFA official has denied the report of increased salary limit. As per the report transactions are taking place as per the previous visa requirement of normal AED.4,000 salary requirement.

As per the report, the changes in visa rules will be announced at federal government level and decrees will be issued. So far the GDRFA official website didn't show any change in the residence visa requirements. 

DNRD customer service (Amer) is not aware of any of these changes and replied that the salary limit for a Dubai resident expatriate to sponsor his family members remains at Dirhams 4,000 or Dirhams 3,000 with accommodation.
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