How to get Health card in Dubai

Till today health card is not mandatory for Dubai visa stamping. In the coming months Dubai government may implement insurance card or health card as a mandatory item for residence visa stamping. Most of the companies in Dubai are now providing health insurance for employees. Health services in Dubai are provided in three main hospitals (Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital and Latifa Hospital) apart from other DHA centres.

Why do you need a Health Card?

Health Card is issued by Dubai Health Authority to provide low cost  medical services in Dubai based Government Hospitals like Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital, Baraha Hospital and other primary health care centres across Dubai. The health card is mostly used by people who don't have an insurance card to cover their medical expenses.

How can you apply for a Health Card?

Applying for Health Card is simple! You can make the Application form for Health Card at any typing centre or through online in DHA website. You will then need to submit the application to the hospital with required documents (mentioned below). Health Card is issued with a validity of one year and is renewable. If you are facing difficulties while registering online, then you can fill-in and print the following Registration Form and visit the nearest DHA Health Center for registration.

What are the documents required to apply for Health Card in Dubai?

Clear photocopy of Passport (faxed copy not accepted)

Residence Visa Copy
Visa Application copy(If you are applying for health card during your new
Dubai visa stamping process).
Emirates ID.
2 Passport size photographs.
Tenancy contract for expatriate patients.
Registration form for Application for new Health Card (if you are applying it manually)

What are the costs of Health Card?

1. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 0 UPTO 10 YEARS - Aed 110
2. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 10 UPTO 18 YEARS - Aed 210
3. EXPATRAITE Health Card FEES for age group FROM 18 YEARS AND ABOVE is Aed 310
4. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for locals od age FROM 0 UPTO 10 YEARS is awd5
5. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for age grouo FROM 10 UPTO 18 YEARS is Dirhams 60
6. NATIONAL Health Card FEES for FROM 18 YEARS AND ABOVE aaw2g110

I already have a company issued insurance coverage. Do I still need Health Card? What are the benefits of health card?

Answer is both Yes and No. It is upto you to decide. Normally private insurance companies have a lot of condition in their health insurance policies. They may not cover certain serious illnesses such as Chemo Therapy and other complicated medical treatments. In such cases, your only solution dependable would be a Health Card. It is highly suggested that you apply for a new Health Card Now.
Recent reports said that there will be an increase in the costs for health card in Dubai. So you better get one as possible.

Can I apply online for a Health Card?

Yes. Dubai Government’s IT smart movement enabled mostof their services in online. Visit Dubai Health Authority website to Apply for Health Card online.

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