How to remove bank account hold due to job change

In UAE it is a regular rule by banks to hold the final settlement amount if the customer has loans or credit cards. The companies in UAE will submit final settlement cheque along with a letter mentioning that this is their employee's final settlement and they have no further liability for the employee loans or credit cards with the bank. Then the bank will put your account under hold and you have submit some documents to remove this. Unless the account hold is removed you will not be able to make withdrawal of final settlement amount.

Banks in UAE
The following describes the procedure for employees who have resigned from their job and joined another company. As per the bank policy in UAE, customers who have credit cards or loans should submit a Salary Transfer Letter from the new company and a copy of their new visa stamped in the passport. Thisi is required in order to continue with any of the liabilities they have with the bank. 

If the above documents are not submitted after a job change then your account will put under a hold. The submission of Salary Transfer Letter and a copy of new visa stamped in the passport will enable you to make the usual transactions in your bank account. This is done by banks to ensure the safety of their financial liabilities to an extent.
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