Tuesday, 24 December 2019

No compensatory benefits for terminated employee

As per the labour rules: Upon termination from your employment or job from any of the seven Emirates of UAE, the employer/sponsor company is liable to pay the salary to their employees for the notice period served by him.

Some companies issues termination letter stating that the employee doesn't need to work for the notice period and will be paid in lieu off which means that he/she will get the salary even if they didn't work during the notice period.

Most of the enquiries by the terminated employees are following.

1. Are we eligible to get any extra payment as termination benefits?

2.  Are we eligible to get air ticket for the trip back to home country?

3. Are we eligible for the gratuity. What is the calculation?

What is the Labour rules for free-zone sponsored visas?

Most of the free-zones in UAE follow the procedures of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 on the Regulation of Labour Relations (“Labour Law”) for labour and employment issues. ,

The employee of a free zone company's relationship lies with the employer with whom he/she had signed an employment contract. The employer will be liable to make final settlement and pay all end-of-service benefits and entitlements to the staff.

If your employment contract is signed for unlimited duration, it may be noted that such contracts can be terminated by either the employer or the employee, giving a prior notice of at least 30 days. This is in accordance with Article 117 of the Labour Law which states:

1. Both the employer and the worker may terminate a contract of employment of unlimited duration for a valid reason at any time following its conclusion by giving the other party notice in writing at least 30 days before the termination.

As such, upon termination of your employment contract, your employer is only liable to pay your salary for the notice period. There are no other compensatory benefits upon termination of a contract of unlimited duration.

Answer to the second question:

The employer/company shall be liable to pay for your airfare upon termination of your employment contract. This is in accordance with Article 131 of the Labour Law which states: An employer shall, on the termination of a worker’s contract, defray the cost of returning him to the district from which he was recruited or to any other place agreed upon between the two parties.

Where after the termination of his contract, a worker enters the service of another employer, the latter shall defray the worker’s travelling expenses on the termination of his service. Subject to the provisions of the preceding sentence, if the employer fails to return the worker or to defray his travelling expenses, the competent authorities shall do so at the employer’s expense and may then recover any expenditure incurred in this connection by attachment.

Where the reason for the termination of the contract is attributable to the worker, his travel shall be at his own expense if he has the wherewithal to pay.”

Answer for third question;

The employee/staff's are entitled to receive severance pay in accordance with the number of years of your employment with the employer. This is in accordance with Article 132 of the Labour Law which states: ‘A worker who has completed a period of one or more years of continuous service shall be entitled to severance pay on the termination of his employment. The days of absence from work without pay shall not be included in calculating the period of service. The severance pay shall be calculated as follows:

1. 21 days’ remuneration for each year of the first five years of service;

2. 30 days’ remuneration for each additional year of service provided that the aggregate amount of severance pay shall not exceed 2 years’ remuneration.”

Accordingly, you shall be entitled to gratuity/severance pay and the amount shall depend on the number of years of your continuous employment with the employer.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

New website launched for UAE long-term golden visa applications

The UAE announced the launch of the website to enable the residents to apply by online for long-term golden visas.

The website, www.business.goldenvisa.ae, allows users to register for the service through online using the email address and password. A four-digit verification code is then sent to the email address. After entering the verification code, the user is taken to a dashboard where he/she can answer questions and attach documents.

The golden card is the recent long-term residence visa programme available in Dubai. The programme was presented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in May.

The residency is given to investors, professionals, inventors and executives who met the criteria set by the department.

The programme aims to give residency for more than 6,800 investors which will total the investment for a net worth of 100 billion Dirhams.

Long-term residency will contribute for the country’s development and more investment in the UAE.

The golden card was known as a permanent residence system. But the GDRFA verified it that the programme is a a long-term visa which needs renewal on every 10-year.

The residency visas is issued to five categories of expatriates: investors, entrepreneurs, chief executives, scientists and outstanding students.

Golden card holders is not restricted from exiting and staying outside UAE for more than six months. The visa would be valid even if the golden card carrier exit the UAE for longer than six months.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Free transit visas for entering UAE


The Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship of UAE has announced the availability of the two different transit visas for passengers who wish to stay in one of the sevem emirates. People who are travelling through the international airports of UAE can avail this facility.

The first type of transit visa issued will be valid for 48 hours and is available as free of charge, while the other visa issued will be valid for 96 hours of stay in UAE for a fees of Dirhams 50.

The only condition for the issuance of these transit visas requires that the "sponsorship is made only by UAE-based airlines,". Thes visas must be applied by the passenger while processing and approval must be obtained before entering the UAE.

The federal authority also warned that both these type of visas are non-extendable which means it cannot be renewed.

The offers passengers traveling through its airports two types of transit which enables them to enjoy the country’s major tourist attractionshttps://www.ica.gov.ae

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Can I go from UAE to Oman in rent a car?

Is it possible to drive on a trip from UAE to Oman in a rental car? The quick answer is yes…Ofcourse! find the details here:

Crossing from UAE to Oman in a rental car.

Yes it is allowed and possible to drive from UAE to Oman in rented car as per the law. But most of the car rental companies donot promote this and avoid this discussion. This is due to the fact that the cars are being stolen and smuggled into Oman or neighbouring countries and disappears.

The rental cars are equipped with GPS tracking devices but it is limited to UAR. Thus cars disappear because the tracking devices in the cars doesn't cover the parts of Oman. So most of the car rental companies will not permit yourself to drive into Oman terittory from UAE in rented car.

There are other reasons like distance and maintenance costs. Normal driving limit for rent a car is 200-300 km but if you're crossing the border  to Oman it’s minimum 400 km one-way till Muscut. If you plan for a trip to Salalah it is 1200km one way. Like this maintenance issues of the car when it comes back also is a factor that the rental companies not allowing for crossing the border.

How can I drive from UAE to Oman in a rental car?

There are some car rental companies who will be having the capability of allowing you of driving into Oman. Second, be prepared to pay more. Car rental companies will invoice for driving 400-500 km one way and additional insurance charges for Oman Insurance.

The additional charges will be like extra percentage on the rental fees or per kilometer charge for additional km.

So the Oman trip is considered as a premium service from car rental companies. Finally, you will need an official ORIGINAL NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the car rental company. You have to keep your original passport and Emirates id on hand with you when you drive and reach to the Oman border.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

How to avoid visa and labour fraud while searching for a job in UAE

Last updated on November 17, 2019 at 09.52 am
Those who visit UAE must know about the visa procedures and rules before visiting the place. People visit UAE for several purposes which could be for work, visit, residence, investment or legal matters. Considering now a days increase in visa fraud cases, it is essential to understand the areas one could be trapped. 
These are the tips for those who would like to visit UAE.
If you get a job offer in the UAE, make sure that you get an offer letter issued by the UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
The prospective employees/candidates can verify the job offer's validity at the UAE embassy in their country. All legal job offer numbers start with then digits. You can use the job offer number to verify employer's validity at the MOHRE's website (enquiry service - application status).
Once you sign the offer letter,  the employer will send you an employment visa to enter the UAE. Refer to points 8 and 9 below to verify visa/entry permit validity.
You don't have the right to work in the UAE, if you are in visit or tourist entry permit/visa. If you work under visit or tourist visa, it will bring you penalties and deportation.
The sponsor (the employer) is responsible for payment of recruitment expenses, according to the labour law.
 Get company details to check whether the company legally exists by searching company's  English and Arabic name in the National Economic register.

A residence visa can be issued only when the applicant is inside the UAE having entered the country on entry permit.  A residence visa cannot be processed for anyone while the applicant is outside the UAE. 
Your queries will be answered by MoHRE at telephone number 0097168027666, or you can email them: ask@mohre.gov.ae.
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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Oman online visa news update

Royal Oman Police issued a statment on 14th October 2019 clarifying the new online visa system.

The statement clarifies that there has been no change in the current procedure or method using for entering Oman through border check posts. However, an additional online portal has been made available for people who wish to save the time at the border posts, the statement said.

Tourists holding GCC passports, or GCC residency permits can obtain visa on arrival at all Omani border posts by filling up the application form at the border.

Oman new e-visa system

With the long weekend holiday coming up in the December and as many UAE residents usually plan to have road trips to Oman, this time they could apply for an e-visa to enter the country.

Visitors can either fill the visa application form at the immigration counters at the border and obtain visas on arrival. On long weekend holidays people were complaining about long queues, thus Omani goverment have provided an additional online service.

So for an easier process apply an online form on the Royal Oman Police website and pay a fee of Dhs50 if you’re a resident of GCC.

Take into consideration that the visa takes four days to be processed.

If you are a GCC resident you should log into https://evisa.rop.gov.om/

Create an account using your email id

Upload a passport copy that is at least 6 month valid

Upload a photo of the applicant that is not more than 512 KB.

Pay Aed. 50 as visa fee

Upon successful payment completion and application submission, and if approved, you will be get an electronic visa sent to your registered e-mail.

Conditions for issuing the visa:

The person should have a valid residence visa from any GCC country stamped on your passport.

The professions approved to enter without sponsor is shown in your residence stamping.

Valid passport for a period not less than six months.

Families of the residents, their drivers, house maids and companions are benefit from these facilities provided that they should present their labour cards and their passports are valid for a period not less than three months.

All nationalities resident in GCC are benefit from the online service.

For any additional questions you can contact ROP call center that can help with the process on these numbers +968 99537194, +968 91782640, +968 24290827

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