Options for Dubai Visit Visa renewal or extension

The citizens of countries who are eligible to receive a free visit visa on arrival in Dubai have 2 options for visa renewal or extensions.

Visa extension - can be done only one time for 30 days at the DNRD counter.
The fee for this process is approximately dirhams 500 and procedure is comparitively quick and easy.

Visa renewal - process requires you to exit from uae through a border check point and come back directly into the UAE with a new 30 day visit visa on arrival (this is actually not a renewal). The time usually takes for this is considered depending on how far away you are living in uae from a border point, the advantage is that you don't have to pay aed. 500 fees.
This can be repeated multiple times by the citizens of 36 countries who will get visa on arrival in uae.

Hatta to Oman visa run in Dubai, UAE

Documents needed for visarun: original passport, car insurance for Oman if driving a private owned vehicle.

Drive to Hatta Oman border check point. The road wentthrough a section of Oman before reaching Hatta where there are drive-through UAE checkpoints where you will be asked to present your passport and other documents. 
Sometimes documents will not be checked at drive through check points.

From the Hatta roundabout continue driving straight towards Oman. After a few kilometers you can see the main UAE border checkpoint where you must stop and park your car in the parking lot, then go to the passport counter and get an exit stamp from the UAE immigration.

Continue driving for a few more km to reach the Oman border check post for customs and immigration. First check point will be by Omani customs checking your car. They may or may not search your car.

Next stop should be at the immigration department which is a large building where your passport will be stamped with entry and exit stamps for Oman. There is a large sign board that displays "New Visa". You can park you car there in front of the building.

Get inside the building with your original passport, go to the immigration counter. You may be asked by the officials if you are going to Oman for just "in and out" or  for any other purpose. If asked or not asked, say that you are doing a "visa change". You should get both entry and exit stamp for Oman at the same counter. If exit is not stamped, then walk to other side of department and get an exit stamp.

Now you can start driving back towards Dubai. At the Oman customs point you don't need to stop.

At the UAE border post you must get into the immigration building to get an entry stamp. The drive-through check points are for Emiratis (and probably GCC citizens).

The process is now completed. Now you can get back to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or other emirates.


Keep all small pieces of paper you are receiving at various checkpoints - you'll need to hand over them at the next one or somewhere else.

Watch out for speed bumps and speed cameras between the border posts and checkpoints - there are a few of them.

A small shop of Dubai Duty Free is there when you enter the UAE from Oman at the UAE border post. No alcohol is available here.

There are six border crossings available from the United Arab Emirates into Oman.

* Hatta and Al Wajajah
* Hilli and Buraimi (Al Ain)
* Ibri and Nizwa
* Khatmat Milahah from Fujairah
* from Ras al Khaimah emirate to Bukha/Musandam
* from Fujeirah emirate to Dibba/Musandam.

The Hatta-Oman border is a common choose for “visa runs”; because it is a 250 km round trip from Dubai downtown: without any stop it will take around 180 minutes, for one side run.

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