Bank statement is must to sponsor family in Dubai

As per the new visa rules from GDRFA-D; Dubai Residents who are wishing to sponsor family members must submit their bank statements to the residency department. The new rule is to ensure that people on very low salaries do not bring their families into the emirate.

According to new rules set by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) all those new residency visa applications for their spouse, children or parents must provide a bank statement showing their monthly salary transfer.

Those who need to bring their family members to Dubai on a residence visa must submit to the GDRFA with the sponsor's bank statement," a senior immigration official said. At least 3 months' bank statements are required for old UAE residents and at least one month's bank statement or a bank letter confirming the salary transfer for newly joined employees who want to sponsor their families. This rule is currently not applicable for sponsors who are renewing visas for their families.

Previously procedure has been changed which was to submit a labour contract showing salary and a salary certificate from the company. The GDRFA official said that this was no longer enough and bank statements is also required.

The renewal of the family's residency visas does not require submission of bank statements. A bank statement is also not required for visit visa applications for family members.

The new residency visa application will not be accepted without a valid bank statement showing salary transfer. They must submit their labour card, a copy of their attested employment contract and salary certificate in addition to their present bank statement and registered tenancy contract, which should be in the name of the applicant, and also an Emirates ID card.

The sponsor's salary should be at least Dh4,000 for a month plus accommodation status to get visa. A salary of Dh10,000 is required if a person want to sponsor their parents.

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