How to get UAE Visit Visa for relatives

The visa rules from General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs requires the following documents to get visit visa to UAE for sponsor's relatives with blood relation - brother or sister.

1. The sponsor's salary shall be Dhs5,000 and accommodation or Dhs6,000 without accommodation. This salary should be shown in the bank statement.

2. Original employment contract attested from the immigration department by paying a fee of Dhs 130.

3. Visit visa fees of Dhs620 and Dhs2,000 as security deposit.

4. Period of visit visa will be for 30 days and it is non-renewable and non-extendable.

5. There is a second option for a period of 90 days visit for Dhs1,120 and security deposit of Dh2,000. Also, this visa is non-renewable and non-extendable.

Security deposit is refundable at the expiry of visa by making an application along with the original receipt when the person exit from the UAE.

If the visa holder whether for 30 or 90 days period exits from the UAE he will be able to obtain a new visit visa only after 30 days from the date of departure.

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