Lifting of Six Month Labour Ban in UAE

Labour Ban is imposed on all expatriate employees in UAE who are working in private sector when they want to change from one employer to another company if they left the current employer without having completed a minimum of two years service.

Employees working in the UAE who receive a 6 month labour ban for breaking employment contract within 2 years can have the ban lifted if the following conditions are met. The UAE Ministry of Labour state that the ban lift is possible is the employee is changing job for the companies under the same sponsor. But there will be no problem if the employee has a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the current sponsor. Then he will be able to change job to another company under a different sponsor.
  • Minimum qualification held for the worker is a high school diploma. 
  • Minimum salary in new position is AED 5,000 for HS Diploma holders, AED 7,000 for diploma holders, and AED 12,000 for Bachelor degree holders.

An employment ban, labour ban, work permit ban are used for the same thing which means you are not allowed to perform any kind of work in the UAE for a certain period of time and these are imposed for 6 months, 1 year, or permanent.
  • 6 month ban will be imposed when leaving a job without completing minimum period. This will be put on issuing a new work permit or labour card from the Ministry of Labour (MOL). 
  • A 1 year ban will be imposed at the request of sponsor if a worker resigns before the completion of a limited period contract. 
  • A permanent ban will be imposed on absconding employees, or those who violates the labour law.
The notification will not be stamped in your passport but when a new employer submits an application for the new work permit to the MOL, it will automatically be rejected if a ban is on your computer file. This will not affect the entry to visit the UAE using a visit visa or tourist visa.

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  1. Hi Zainuth! My name is John. I have a 2 years limited contract here in my company which started last november 2012. I have a duly attested documents for UAE Embassy as a proof that I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer. Right now, Im planning to transfer to my field of specialization as an Engineer which is very far from my previous work in a trading company. Is there any other way that I can lift this ban? I already asked our embassy and they told me that it is possible to transfer without getting ban by submitting your attested documents but the MOL only say one thing, you will get ban. Whats the use of this article if MOL will insists to me that I will get ban if I will transfer? Hope yopu could answer me.. Thanks...

    1. Ministry of Labour is the final authority that is making decisions on labour ban and related matters.

  2. Hi Zainuth!
    I joined my organization(private) in Abudhabi 3 months ago, I just want to know, my Visa status(whether, its an Unlimited Visa or a 2 yr Visa). Could you plz suggest, how can I confirm my Visa status(I dont want to ask my employer,as I am serving my notice period and dont want to take any risk..!).

  3. hi sir i have a limited contract visa before complete contract i give the resignation and they have now canceled but my new company give me the good salary 5000 and i have a B.Com Diploma can you tell me still i will face the 6 month ban or not

  4. hi sir ... i canceled my visa befor one month in 2 years... so wil get ban? pls reply me

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  6. sir i have canceled my entry visa(two month)can i get ban .i have not gone for medical.i have canceled my visa on 30th oct 2014 and my visa expiry date is nov 12 ,2014 please reply me

  7. Hi Sir, I came uae three months ago on visit visa. with the great struggle i found job but now i realize my salary is as lowest as unable to survive. i have Master Degree University qualified with five years work experience but now i m threatened that i'd be ban if i quit this job to new one. so the question is if i found the job below or equal to 5000 dh but more than my current salary will i be lifted out or ban. plzz guide

  8. Hy sir i have completed 3years and 9 month in my company.Now iam plannig to change my job.Is there any kind of ban for me?

  9. I want to make my own company in ajman but i not completed my contract i just complete 1 year and 2 months of the contract.
    Now if i resign.
    Is there any type of ban for me?


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