Residence Visa Stamping for House maids

UAE Residence Visa
An expatriate in uae with a valid residence visa and living with his/her family can sponsor a housemaid if the sponsor's monthly salary is not less than Dh6,000 or Dh5,000 plus accommodation. The housemaid and the sponsor or spouse should not have any blood relation and it should be certified by the concerned consulate of the sponsor.

This article explains the procedures to be completed in the residency department of dnrd to stamp the residence visa for house maids or similar under the resident sponsorship at the GDRFA Dubai.     

Required Documents: 

  • Application form for stamping of the residency of helper category and the fees paid should be paid through the E-form and application has to be signed by the sponsor
  • 2 photographs of the sponsored house maid
  • The original Entry Permit
  • The original passport of the sponsored
  • Original valid medical fitness examination of the sponsored
  • A copy of the passport of the sponsor
  • The labor contract for the helper category or similar and should be signed by both the sponsor and the sponsored
  • If the sponsor is an employee in the private sector he has to submit a copy of the sponsor's labor contract attested by the Ministry of Interior by paring Aed.130 at the bank counter in Immigration Department. The contract should have a minimum salary of AED.5000 plus accommodation or AED.6000 with the profession condition. A bachelor cannot sponsor a house maid
  • If the sponsor works for public sector employees he has to submit a salary certificate or a certificate ‘To Whom It May Concern’ to prove his salary to be a minimum of AED.5000 plus accommodation or AED.6000.
  • If the sponsor is a partner he has to submit a copy of partnership contract where his partnership shares should not be less than AED.70000
  • If the sponsor is an investor and has a professional license, he has to submit the origin and a copy of receipt of financial security deposit.
  • A copy of the Emirates ID card or the identity registration form certified by one of the Emirates Identity Authority center           


AED.5080 for stamping of uae residence visa fees to be paid through E-form at the typing offices
If the sponsor delays in stamping of his sponsored residence then fine will be imposed after 60 days from the date of entry into UAE or legal status adjustment. 

Fine will be imposed as AED.25 for each day up to the first 6 months (180 days). AED.50 for each day up to the next 6 months (180 days). AED (100) Cash for each day after one year and above. All fines have to be paid in cash.

Note: Dh50,000 fine will be imposed by UAE immigration if you caught up for hiring an illegal house maid in uae.

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