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UAE Labour Ban can be lifted


A labour ban imposed by a company in UAE for an employee who has not completed one year with the current employer can ask for removal of ban.

The current immigration law states that since an employee has not completed one year with the current employer, the company or sponsor may put a six month ban for the employee to work in UAE and will not get a new work permit until he has completed the six month ban. You may get a six month labour ban if you have not completed one year in a work permit. 

The period you have worked with the employer on tourist visa or short-term visit visa shall not be taken into consideration. Employees are not permitted to work on a tourist or visit visa and are illegal in accordance with Article 13 of the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980.

UAE Labour law states that the expatriates should get prior approval of the department and a work permit from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to work in the UAE.

However if the company or sponsor imposes a ban, it could be waived by the labour department to you on the basis of your qualification provided that such qualification documents are duly attested by public notary and legalised from the country where you have obtained such qualification.
In case an employment ban for six months is imposed, the employee may contact the Ministry of Labour to lift the ban based on your qualification. 

We conclude that if you resign from the company by giving them a one month notice; you will get a six–month labour ban in UAE unless you have completed one year on their work permit. You may able to lift the ban as per the decision of concerned department. You will be able to visit UAE during this period through a tourist visa or short-term visit visa.

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  1. Hi Zainuth! My name is John. I have a 2 years limited contract here in my company which started last november 2012. I have a duly attested documents for UAE Embassy as a proof that I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer. Right now, Im planning to transfer to my field of specialization as an Engineer which is very far from my previous work in a trading company. Is there any other way that I can lift this ban? I already asked our embassy and they told me that it is possible to transfer without getting ban by submitting your attested documents but the MOL only say one thing, you will get ban. Whats the use of this article if MOL will insists to me that I will get ban if I will transfer? Hope yopu could answer me.. Thanks...

  2. hi Zainuth! My name is mughees. I have a 2 years limited contract here in my company which started last 27Dec 2013 but don,t have a visa paste in my passport. Right now, Im planning to visa transfer an other compny.just i ask u in his satuation after cancellation my visa without ban its ok.

    i Hope you could answer me.. Thanks...

  3. hi zainuth i have ban and did not any stamp on my passport visa did it's possible tha i will applpy or visit uae or 1st i remove my ban ?

  4. Hi
    I was working in a private company as a sales executive for 15 months ( under unlimited contract) and my employer gave me one month notice with NOC to look for another job as company was facing the business crisis and some outlet has been shut down. And luckily I found the job in dubai free zone and right now I am back in my country and waiting for the new employment. I just would like to know whether I will have 6 months ban or not when my new company apply for me the work permit? Please reply me..
    Thanks a lot.


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