No Labour ban in UAE on Sponsor Transfer

It may be possible to avoid a labour ban, or lift a ban by paying a fee to the labour department in the UAE, if you transfer your visa from one sponsor or company to another. This is totally different from the procedure of cancelling your residence visa and work permit, then applying for a new visa and labour card in the new company. 

A transfer of your sponsorship requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed from the current sponsor and payment of a labour ban lifting fee in some cases. The sponsorship transfer is restricted to certain professions. The new employer should submit the request for sponsorship transfer along with the new work permit application. 

Your old visa and labour card should not be cancelled in any case. These will be automatically cancelled upon issuing new work permit for the new company. Your old work permit will be cancelled automatically and the new company can start the procedure for your residence visa stamping. Labour department of the emirate where you are working will make the final decision.

Six-month ban on job- remains in UAE but this can be lifted with conditions based on service period and qualifications. Then employee can transfer his visa to another company without six month wok-ban.

Ban lifting fees in UAE

The UAE MOL website shows "Transfer of Sponsorship" fees between AED 3,000-5,000 for employees who have not completed their contracts but need to change their job. This fee is applicable only if the employee has a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the present employer.

To know the latest update about getting a ban or ban lifting fee, you should check with the UAE MOL helpline. MOL is the final authority to issue details on this matter.
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