Visit Visa to UAE for Tourists from Kenya

Now the citizens of Kenya and other expatriates who reside in Kenya who are travelling to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways can apply for visit visa at the UAE Visa Processing Centre in Kenya.

All applications are considered on individual basis and the Immigration Department of United Arab Emirates is the final authority to confirm the status. The immigration dept. has the right to ask for additional information at any stage of processing. It should be clear that an application which has been received at the United Arab Emirates Visa Application Centre does not guarantee that the visit-visa will be approved and issued. UAE Immigration is the sole authority to take the decision on whether to issue or refuse a visa without citing any reason whatsoever. The applicant should ensure that they hold a valid visa for entry in to the UAE before they travel to the United Arab Emirates. Visas for people from Kenya cannot be issued on arrival at any of the entry points in the United Arab Emirates. 

The facility of applying visas through the United Arab Emirates Visa Application Centre is open only to Etihad Airways traveler.

The tourist who is interested in being sponsored for visas by Etihad Airways should hold a valid ticket issued by Etihad Airlines. Etihad will not be responsible or liable for a guest not being able to travel due to denied boarding, offloading, flight cancellation, delays or any other cause or circumstances beyond their control.

The applicants must fill out the Application Form accurately and submit the same with the applicable fees, valid passport and necessary documentation as specified in the Application Form. Applicants must hold valid travel documents and comply with the requirements of the UAE Government and Immigration laws.

The issue and approval of visas is solely maintained by the Government of the United Arab Emirates and governed by their rules and regulations that are subject to change. 

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