Emirates ID Card Status Can Be Viewed Online

UAE Emirates ID
UAE Emirates ID
Emirates ID Authority in UAE has enabled a new service called Emirates ID status to view the application status. The service allows applicants to track down the progress of their submitted application for Renewal, Replacement or New Emirates ID Card.

Emirates ID is the new national identity card introduced by Federal Council of United Arab Emirates in an effort to register the personal data of the whole population in the country and storing the same at the electronic data bases in coordination with the competent authorities.

This is a smart identity card to identify all population of UAE and their bio metrics are recorded at the time of first registration. It is not required to visit again to record the finger print at the time of visa renewal. The person who cancelled residence visa of his family and can apply for the new one with a copy.

You can Emirates ID status for new applications, renewal and replacement applications. To check the status of your ID Card Application, you have to enter your Application Number (PRAN) for new Emirates ID or you can enter your old Emirates ID Number if your application is for Renewal / Replacement.

On submitting the PRAN or ID number the following information will be displayed where you can know the present status of your ID application. The applicant name and details along with the current status and application history log will be displayed.

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