Re-Entry Permit for Residence in Dubai for Staying 180 days outside UAE

A RESIDENT VISA HOLDER STAYING OUTSIDE U.A.E. FOR MORE THAN 180 DAYS has to obtain a Re Entry Residence Permit in Dubai.

As per the new immigration law a resident visa holder staying outside the U.A.E. for more than 180 days has to complete some procedures before re-entering into Dubai.

He/she can staying outside U.A.E. for more than 180 days is considered on some conditions and the procedure has to be completed by the sponsor for re-entering of sponsored person into Dubai.

In case the holder of Dubai resident visa stayed outside UAE for more than 180 days his visa will be blocked. Some persons are exempted from visa block. The details of exemption are given in the re-entry exempted list.

For example, If the exit from U.A.E. was on 03-Jul-2011 and intend to come back on 28-Feb-2012 (6 months + extra 2 months) sponsor has to complete the below mentioned procedures for unblocking the residence visa.

The sponsor has to obtain the following documents and attend at GDRFA to apply for a re-entry permit since he is the sponsor & the sponsored person exceeded 180 days outside UAE: 
  • Application form from typing center.
  • A certificate for the case reason attested from UAE Embassy + Ministry of Foreign Affairs "within the same country" + Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside UAE approves the reason of staying that whole period outside UAE. 
  • The person passport copy along with the sponsor passport copy. 
  • AED 130 fees for that service. 
  • AED 100 for each month exceeding the 180 days.
  • The sponsored UAE Residence Visa should be valid. 
  • The matter is subject to approval from GDRFA.
You may contact General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs-Dubai for more information.

Toll-free    : 8005111
Tel (Int.)    :+971 4 313 9999
Fax          :+971 4 501 1111
Email       :

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