Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Short-term visit visa rules in UAE


Short-term visit visas in UAE are entry permits for staying in UAE for a period of 30 days. When applying for a short-term visa the following questions will come in for the applicant.
  1. What are the rules of short-term visit visa?
  2. How many days is it valid for staying in UAE?
  3. Is there a one month grace period after the expiry date of the short-term visit visa in UAE?
According to Article 39, point B of the Federal Law Number 6 for the year 1973 Concerning Immigration and Residence, the short term visit visa allows its holder to be in the country of United Arab Emirates for 30 days only. This visa allows its holder to enter the country once only, and is valid for two months from its issuance date. Additionally, the period of this visa is non-renewable. It means that there is no one month grace period after 30 days from entering the country.

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