Sunday, 8 January 2012

Re-Entry Permit Exempted Persons


DNRD has exempted some persons from  obtaining re-entry residence permit in Dubai. According to the Immigration Department the expiry of your residence visa does not mean that your residence visa will be cancelled. You will not able to re-enter the UAE on a visit or residence visa if your previous residence visa wasn't cancelled.

The company or sponsor has to visit the UAE Immigration Department with your Passport and Application form from typing center for cancellation process. This can be done even if you are not in U.A.E. but your passport should be presented in original to the residency department. After cancellation Passport will be returned back at the same time.

Exceptions to resident visa holder staying outside UAE for more than 180 days.

  1. Foreign wife of a UAE citizen 
  2. Domestic helpers accompanying an Emirati citizen who is abroad for studying or medical treatment. 
  3. Expatriates going abroad for medical treatment considered they are working or sent by a UAE government department. A medical report approved by the UAE Ministry of Health, or the Medical Services of the UAE Armed Forces or UAE Police must be provided. 
  4. Employees and domestic helpers accompanying employees of diplomatic and consular missions in the UAE. 
  5. Expats employed in the UAE Public Sector for job or training. 
  6. Expat students joined in the UAE university but studying overseas as part of their course.
Apart from the above exempted categories all others have to either take a re-entry permit or cancel their residence visa and apply for a new visa.

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