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UAE Update: Quarantine rules if Covid test is positive

What is the quarantine rules if Covid test is positive? Dubai: A new variant of Covid is spreading around the world. The number of patients ...

What is the quarantine rules if Covid test is positive?

Dubai: A new variant of Covid is spreading around the world. The number of patients per day has also increased sharply in the UAE in the last two weeks. 

On Monday, 2515 cases were confirmed, the health ministry said. Every precaution and measure is being taken in each emirate to control the spread of Covid. 

Part of this is that schools have only been online for two weeks in some emirates. Travel bans have been imposed on some countries and the list of Red List countries has been updated according to the number of Omicron cases. 

Airports are also being checked for people from countries where cases have been reported the most. Authorities have issued a specific guideline for people living in the UAE on the quarantine method to be adopted if Covid is confirmed positive.

If Covid test is positive from the PCR test in Dubai, those people will need a ten-day quarantine. It is mandatory even if no symptoms are present. You also need to download the Covid - 19 DXB mobile app. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to 10,000 dirhams, according to the Dubai Health Authority. 

Quarantine should start from the time the test is positive. Family members should stay away from the patient. After ten days, the PCR can be checked again. 

Institutional quarantine facility is available for those who are unable to do home quarantine and will have to be paid for. In case of any serious symptoms, you can call the DHA toll free number (800342) and book an online consultation. 

When the quarantine is completed in ten days, the clearance certificate will be received in the message or in the app.

Covid patients with severe symptoms in Abu Dhabi should immediately go to the nearest emergency ward. Assessment Centers at Zayed Port (Abu Dhabi), Al Ain Convention Center, Al Qubaisi Hall (Al Ain), Madinat Zayed and Seha Hospitals (Al Dhafra Region) Those who are Kovid positive without any symptoms should go to Seha Drive Through Testing Center and repeat the test. 

Home quarantine should be kept until the test results come out. If you are positive in this test, stay away from others in the house and stay in the home quarantine.

You can check back at Seha Drive Through Centers a few days later. The quarantine will only end if two such consecutive tests are negative. Those in close contact with the patient should also visit the nearest Seha Center. If the test results are negative on the sixth or ninth day, quarantine is avoided. 

Similar methods of quarantine is following in other emirates also. Relevant guidelines are issued by the respective health departments.

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