Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Residence Entry Permit Expiration


UAE Residence Entry Permit
Entry permits are classified into different sections as work, mission and residence. An entry permit is used to enter the UAE through any of the entry points. A visa entry permit is usually valid for up to 60 days from the date of issue as per the rules printed on it.

For example, if a residence visa entry permit is issued on 01 July 2013, then you can use it to enter the UAE through the entry points anytime from 01 July 2013 until 29 August 2013. Once you enter into UAE you can stay up to 60 days before stamping the residence in your passport.

You can make an application to renew the entry permit by paying a fee of AED.220/-

Documents Required
  • Application form through E-form and fees paid
  • Corporate sponsored application signed and stamped by the sponsor.
  • Copy of the valid establishment card
  • Copy of the valid trade license of the business
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport for the personal sponsorship
  • The original entry permit
You can renew for the first time after 60 days from the date of issue and then renewing it for the second time for another 60 days after the first renewal period. Each renewal is valid for 60 days.

After the two renewals the permit will expire and you will have to make a new application through eform. This applies to entry permits for tourists, visitors, employment, residence, etc. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the emirates control the issue of entry permits.


  1. when my company now cancel this visa that i have same with this in the picture will i get a ban for six months or what. because i want to transfer to another company, please someone answer this question and thank you...

    1. If you haven't completed two years in the current company then you will get a labour ban unless your company has given you a No Objection Certificate to transfer your visa to another company.

  2. I have a small question.
    today i supposed to get my work visa
    but they sent me email that my passport is less than 6 month validation..

    so i have renewed it already and sent it

    will it goes all over the process again

    1. It will be based on the process they have completed so far regarding your work visa.

  3. Good day sir i have a situation here my previous employer file working permit and entry visa but i havent signed any contract with them. Im still here in the philippines and i think i dont like to work with them then suddenly they told that if i want to cancel my permit and visa i need to pAy 10,000 dirhams or else they will ban me on uae forever. Hope you can help me. Thank you very much

  4. dear sir

    my brother in ajman he have entry prmit and company not follow his visa and not give selry also he go to lebour office now 8 month finish but company owner or any body from company not come there please help


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