Corona virus: Sharjah lifts travel restrictions

Corona virus update Sharjah lifts travel restrictions

Coronavirus update - Sharjah officials has announced the lifting of all travel restrictions, and opening of the emirate to tourists. The prior permit or approval is no more required for Sharjah residents who have valid visas to make entry in to the emirate.

Moreover, the emirate of Sharjah has lifted all travel restrictions and tourists are now also allowed to enter freely. The new policy is part of the emirate's actions to normalise all activities, the Sharjah Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee said.

"All guests to and from Sharjah have to strictly follow to fitness and protection strategies a good way to defend themselves and take a look at the unfold of Covid-19. Residents and vacationers will need to bear the charges of their clinical checks and treatment in the occasion of Covid-19 infection. They have to follow a d examine all precautionary measures and examine themselves for any Covid-19 signs and symptoms," stated the authority.

"Travel is now authorized for all residents and citizens via the any of the ports of Sharjah to or from any destinations. However, all guests have to examine the Covid-19 state of conditions of the international locations they're making plans to visit. Both vacationers and citizens have to make certain they have got a good enough medical insurance," it added.

Mandatory Covid-19 test

Travellers to Sharjah have to have a negative Covid-19 test result report, performed no longer extra than ninety six hours in advance, earlier than arriving on the emirate. Travellers wil have to go through some other Covid-19 check at their port of origin no matter their in advance negative record.

"Incoming guests have to additionally difficulty themselves to self-quarantine at their house till the results of their Covid-19 tests notification are received by them. In the case the test result has become positive, guests involved will need to go through home or health quarantine process for a duration stipulated through the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention (Mohap).

"In case of a positive case of Covid-19, the duration of clinical isolation is 14 days, with guests or their sponsors bearing the charges of medical treatment and isolation. In the occasion of non-compliance of quarantine restrictions, they may be liable to strict legal rules and penalties," the officials added.

These travel and  journey guidelines and processes will be udated and reviewed from time to time, in line with the Committee.

Sharjah open to vacationers and tourists

With Sharjah reopening all sectors for business, vacationers, tourists and site visitors from all international countries and locations are now allowed to travel to Sharjah supplied all vital required procedures for the entry are completed.

"All guests have to have worldwide medical insurance and a negative PCR test certificate report performed no longer extra than 4 days earlier than their date of journey. They would need to have present these report on the time of entry. They will required to go through a second PCR test upon arrival," stated the Sharjah Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee.

The visitors or tourists may also have to fill a health disclosure declaration and hand it over to the concerned officials at the port of entry. They must have to self-quarantine at their hotel resorts or at their own house till the results of the PCR tests are received by them. Those who've Emirates ID will want to down load the Al Hosn app that will track the person who is a positive case and under isolation and quarantine in line with the procedures and strategies of the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention (Mohap).

All guests have to disclose all clinical signs and symptoms and underlying conditions. They will also need to fill out the form supplied through the airlines.

Meanwhile, UAE residents have to notify the country's embassies in case they have any Covid-19 signs and symptoms while they are staying in abroad.

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