Free transit visas for entering UAE

The Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship of UAE has announced the availability of the two different transit visas for passengers who wish to stay in one of the sevem emirates. People who are travelling through the international airports of UAE can avail this facility.

The first type of transit visa issued will be valid for 48 hours and is available as free of charge, while the other visa issued will be valid for 96 hours of stay in UAE for a fees of Dirhams 50.

The only condition for the issuance of these transit visas requires that the "sponsorship is made only by UAE-based airlines,". Thes visas must be applied by the passenger while processing and approval must be obtained before entering the UAE.

The federal authority also warned that both these type of visas are non-extendable which means it cannot be renewed.

The offers passengers traveling through its airports two types of transit which enables them to enjoy the country’s major tourist attractions

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