Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Can I go from UAE to Oman in rent a car?


Is it possible to drive on a trip from UAE to Oman in a rental car? The quick answer is yes…Ofcourse! find the details here:

Crossing from UAE to Oman in a rental car.

Yes it is allowed and possible to drive from UAE to Oman in rented car as per the law. But most of the car rental companies donot promote this and avoid this discussion. This is due to the fact that the cars are being stolen and smuggled into Oman or neighbouring countries and disappears.

The rental cars are equipped with GPS tracking devices but it is limited to UAR. Thus cars disappear because the tracking devices in the cars doesn't cover the parts of Oman. So most of the car rental companies will not permit yourself to drive into Oman terittory from UAE in rented car.

There are other reasons like distance and maintenance costs. Normal driving limit for rent a car is 200-300 km but if you're crossing the border  to Oman it’s minimum 400 km one-way till Muscut. If you plan for a trip to Salalah it is 1200km one way. Like this maintenance issues of the car when it comes back also is a factor that the rental companies not allowing for crossing the border.

How can I drive from UAE to Oman in a rental car?

There are some car rental companies who will be having the capability of allowing you of driving into Oman. Second, be prepared to pay more. Car rental companies will invoice for driving 400-500 km one way and additional insurance charges for Oman Insurance.

The additional charges will be like extra percentage on the rental fees or per kilometer charge for additional km.

So the Oman trip is considered as a premium service from car rental companies. Finally, you will need an official ORIGINAL NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the car rental company. You have to keep your original passport and Emirates id on hand with you when you drive and reach to the Oman border.

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