How to get Long-term visa for UAE residents

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The UAE Cabinet approved long-term visa system, has been announced with details in November 2018 which includes 10-year UAE residency visa for investors in business, real estate and specialists and five-year resident visa for exceptional students.
The rule decision of the Cabinet will help to get visas for entrepreneurs, investors, specialists, researchers - including their spouses and children. This will promote and create an optimal environment for the growth of business in UAE for investors, business entrepreneurs and professional talents.
The announcement includes the procedures for obtaining long-term UAE visas for all the above-mentioned categories as well as outstanding students to attract talents in all imporatnt sectors of the national economy. 
Below is the list of categories falling under this.
  1. INVESTORS (10-year visa)
  3. ENTREPRENEURS - 5 year
  4. SPECIALISED TALENTS (10-year visa)

  • Scientists
  • Creative individuals in culture and art
  • Inventors
  • Exceptional Talents
  • Executives
  • Criterion for doctors and specialists

Source & more details at Khaleej times

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