Saturday, 14 September 2019

New Banking Rule: No need for physical verifying of Emirates ID in UAE at banks

In line with new rule announcement Central Bank gives notice to all banks.

Banks and finance companies in the UAE can make use of online validation gateway of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for identity verification of potential customers when opening their bank accounts.

This will take away the requirement for physical checking of the Emirates ID card of individual and corporate customers, the Central Bank stated in the notice sent to all the banks and financing institutions operating in the country.

"The UAE Pass Platform is based on on the online validation gateway of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for identity verification, which removes necessity for actual physical examining of the UAE ID card. Banks and different financial institutions may very well utilize the UAE Pass in the processes for opening bank account and carrying out transactions/deals for individuals and representatives of corporate clients," says the Central Bank notice sent to banks in the UAE.

Introduced in October 2018, the UAE Pass is the very first national digital identity platform that is open for Emiratis and expatriates through a single mobile identity, enabling people not only gain access to services but also to digitally sign legal documents.

All UAE residents can have a digital national identity that can be utilised to gain access to federal government services and create transactions online. Residents can easily log in any kind of government website to make a transaction after installing the mobile app and creating an account on UAE Pass.

The Central Bank and the UAE Banking Federation welcome the digital transformation initiative - UAE Pass Platform - introduced jointly by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), in partnership with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and Smart Dubai.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

How to pay Toll Gate in Abu Dhabi?

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The payment of toll gate can be made at e-payment kiosk installed across the Emirates. Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced officially on Thursday (25th July 2019) the implementation of the new electronic toll gate collection system similar to emirate of Dubai, which will see all motorists incoming and going out of Abu Dhabi Island has to pass through the toll gates.

The announcement made in a press conference on Thursday by DoT.

The system will be enabled active from October 15, 2019.

According to the DoT, toll gate system's is planned for encouraging the general public to use Abu Dhabi's public transport network, to reduce the use of private vehicles and to encourage carpooling by company employees and even family members.

toll system operated by @AbuDhabiDoT & @ITCAbuDhabi, launching 15 October, is set to reduce traffic in the city, ease congestion for commuters & encourage more sustainable options like public transport, ride sharing & electric cars, which are fee exempt for 2 years.

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toll system operated by @AbuDhabiDoT & @ITCAbuDhabi, launching 15 October, is set to reduce traffic in the city, ease congestion for commuters & encourage more sustainable options like public transport, ride sharing & electric cars, which are fee exempt for 2 years.

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An integrated online registration system, which opens on 30 August, automatically creates accounts at no charge for registered vehicles. Payment of the toll fee is made through an e-wallet.

Four toll gates will be implemented in Abu Dhabi during October at the following locations: Al Maqta bridge, Musafah bridge, Sheikh Zayed bridge and Sheikh Khalifa bridge.

Toll will be Dh4 for peak hours (7am to 9am, and 5pm to 7pm) and Dh2 for non-peak hours.

On Fridays and public holidays, the toll will be chargedat Dh2 throughout the day.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

94 Deluxe eco-friendly buses has deployed in Dubai on 17 routes

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that 94 fuel-efficient and low carbon emission midibuses will soon be launch on 17 routes, including 9 routes where is no service of even large buses. RTA said on Saturday.

 The launching of new batch of midibuses is to keep pace with top International standards and this is the master plan of RTA to improve public transport in Dubai. The main objective of RTA is to serve best in class service for public transport travelers and make tourists more comfort with this top modern facilities and this can be led to increase of riders in public transport. All the routes are linked to metro and residential areas which do not require operation of large buses will see the new launching midbuses. This is said by Mattar Al Tayer, RTA Chairman and director-general of board of executive directors.

 RTA included that British-manufactured Optare buses have 32 seats for passengers and 9 standees more over 8 seats are having adjustable safety belts and one seat is served for people of determination.

The specifications of the midbuses are it is made of semi-stainless steel body, and more room for passengers in front because of the front wheel design. Low-floor is the other good side for the people of determination and it provides internet service (Wi-Fi) and USB charging ports.

 The buses are light in weight and low on fuel consumption according to buses are compatible with the European Emission Standards (Euro 5), RTA said.

Source from Khaleej Times,

Pension fund for UAE expats: Necessaries to provide pension.


Last updated on July 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Pension for expats is particularly important in the case of UAE because around 90 percent of the workers are expats. Said by Lawyer Barney Almazar, director of Gulf Law. Pension, health insurance, retirement benefits and gratuity all are compensating employees after several years of service they provide for United Arab Emirates. Present labour legislations are going through the mandatory end-of-service benefit which is called as EOSB in short. As per recognizing experts said pension fund will ensure non stoppable benefits for retiring employees.

UAE government has announced that the end-of-service gratuity scheme will be improved.
There is no secured source of income for expats after retirement but in his or her own country the employer is directed to contribute to one of the social security services. Prefunding is the method he point out to find a solution for this is company and employee both can contribute share to the retirement fund along with including post-employment healthcare coverage.

He also said that employers can share graduated contribution during the working years of employees and it can collected to a trust fund, and employees can access to the fund after their retirement.  
Dr Abdulrahman Abdulmanan Al Awar, who is the director-general of Federal Authority for Government Human Resources which is called as FAHR in short said that “Employees several years of contribution and services to the country will led to excellent opportunity and will be important need in region to establish investments fund to control and manage retirement and end-of-service benefits for the expats.

Article 141 of the UAE labour law allows the employer to maintain pension scheme. This can be covered by the companies which provide pension, in lieu of the modern EOSB which is granted by Article 132.

So expat employees must protect their future by knowing this pension and end-of-service scheme by UAE government.


Source from Khaleej Times,

Indian businessman got 10-year U.A.E VISA


Recently the 10-year UAE visa was awarded to Vijay Samyani, who is the chairman of retail giant Concept Brands Group. He is one of the Indian nationals who have been in the list of Gold Card. The first person to achieve this card was M.A. Yousaf Ali, Chairman and Managing director of Lulu Group International.

Vijay Samyani has been the resident of UAE for 3 decades. He is from the state of Rajasthan and he thanked Dubai government for the long-term visa of 10-years. Moreover this award was presented on his birthday as well as he is very happy for the service.
He is the first person from Rajasthan so he would love to share the news with everyone from Rajasthan. He said in a statement that “if we work hard, we can achieve goals”. So everyone can hope for the best and try for the long-term visa of 10-years which can avail easily for businessman who are in stable position and those who invest in UAE market as per the rules under long-term visa will be awarded Gold Card.
He is a professional entrepreneur and he is holding senior management positions in luxury lifestyle in last 20-years.He has experience in global marketing, corporate communication, and global strategic and business affairs.


Source from Khaleej Times.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Rush hours at UAE airports: Vacation led Dubai (DXB) one of the busiest airport in the world.


Dubai International (DXB), the world’s busiest international airport, will get busier this month due to vacation customers over 16 million+ crossed in July and August.
All three airports in UAE- Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi urged passengers to arrive airport early to avoid last minute rush which occur unexpected woes.

If the purpose of journey is not emergency better go for different schedules. As booking connection of combination of two carriers, it will be cheaper than the actual price of direct flights.
Hemant Kalyani of Satguru travels recommend to plan the trip in advance. Anyone can use pre-booking facilities from major airlines and it can be transferred to another date, which give them more time to confirm their journey without any cancellation charges or losing good rate chances.

Some of the airlines offer 50% and some are not offering refunding of tickets so travelers should be aware of it when books ticket.
And moreover passengers who travel to Mumbai should be careful and better to delay to some other date because of heavy rain and flood over there. If there is any emergency only take risk and travel by some tricks tips by rescheduling to connection nearby airports to avoid rush.
Due to the busy travel schedules of passengers Emirates airlines requested to customers to reach early 3 hours prior to departure. This is to avoid delay in airport.

Emirates offers online car parking check-in facilities in addition to online check-in services, this can be used by customers to check-in and drop off the luggage. Economy class, First class or Business class customers moving to Emirates terminal 3 can choose to drop their baggage at one of the 46 dedicated bag drop counters from 6 hours to 1:30 hours prior to departure. Those who are travelling with small children can use family counters in the check-in area, statement added by Emirates.

One of the spokesperson of Flydubai recommended that passengers should check whether their flight departs from Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 and must arrive at airport before 3 hours of the departure time. Travelers can check in with the flydubai application or online about all the details of baggage allowances and which all items can pack.

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Friday, 8 March 2019

Know the Law - Want to sponsor parents in UAE?

Seeking help from the immigration department may get the visa for parents if you don't meet sponsorship criteria.

Know the rules of visas If you want to get a residence visa for your father or mother under your sponsorship?

As per the immigration laws in the UAE, an individual might be able to sponsor the UAE residence visas for the parents if he/she is getting a monthly salary of Aed 20,000 or above, or is getting a minimum monthly salary of Dirhams 19,000 plus accommodation facility is providing by the company or employer. Moreover the residence visas have to be sponsored by him/her for both the parents combined, which means either father or mother cannot be sponsored alone unless the necessary documents are submitted verifying that the parents are divorced or one of them is deceased.

Additionally, a basic mandatory insurance policy of Aed 600 must be taken from an authorised insurance provider for each parent.

If you are coming under the criteria for the minimum salary, you may approach the humanitarian section of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the UAE and submit a letter from your side appealing on humanitarian grounds along with the documents for entry visa of your parent. Please mention your contact numbers.

The Approval Committee will either allow sponsorship or reject your application within two weeks after analysing all aspects of the visa application.

KNOW THE VISA LAW: Individuals may sponsor residence visas for parents if he/she is getting a monthly salary of AED 20,000 or above, or is having a minimum monthly salary of AED 19,000 plus accommodation provided by the company or employer of the sponsor.

Documents required
Typed application form from registered typing centres
Original passport of sponsor and parent/s
One photo each of the parent/s
Attested proof of relationship from your embassy or consulate and proof that you are the sole provider and care taker for your parent/s
Copy of job contract for the sponsor or salary certificate from employer.

Monday, 7 January 2019

How to get Long-term visa for UAE residents


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The UAE Cabinet approved long-term visa system, has been announced with details in November 2018 which includes 10-year UAE residency visa for investors in business, real estate and specialists and five-year resident visa for exceptional students.
The rule decision of the Cabinet will help to get visas for entrepreneurs, investors, specialists, researchers - including their spouses and children. This will promote and create an optimal environment for the growth of business in UAE for investors, business entrepreneurs and professional talents.
The announcement includes the procedures for obtaining long-term UAE visas for all the above-mentioned categories as well as outstanding students to attract talents in all imporatnt sectors of the national economy. 
Below is the list of categories falling under this.
  1. INVESTORS (10-year visa)
  3. ENTREPRENEURS - 5 year
  4. SPECIALISED TALENTS (10-year visa)

  • Scientists
  • Creative individuals in culture and art
  • Inventors
  • Exceptional Talents
  • Executives
  • Criterion for doctors and specialists

Source & more details at Khaleej times

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