Get your Oman Visit Visa in advance

Oman police department have advised that visas on arrival are now an exception to the rule…

If you're planning for a trip to the Oman during the long weekend/holiday in UAE or visa run from UAE please note this: Royal Oman Police or ROP have advised that from November 2019 onwards, you now need to apply for your visa in advance.

‏تدعو ‎#شرطة_عمان_السلطانية الراغبين في زيارة السلطنة عبر المنافذ البرية ممن يتطلب حصولهم على تأشيرة دخول، ضرورة استخراج التأشيرة الإلكترونية قبل السفر إليها وذلك تسهيلاً لهم للدخول عبر مختلف المنافذ، وتوضح بأن الحصول على التأشيرة من المنافذ هي خدمة إضافية في أضيق الحدود.‎

#ROP kindly requests all visitors requiring visas traveling to #Oman to obtain their eVisas online before travel. This will facilitate easy and efficient processing at the border posts. Visa on arrival are now an exception to the rule and eVisas should be used wherever possible

Check out @RoyalOmanPolice’s Tweet:

Previously, most of the visitors had been able to get a visa on arrival at the border of the UAE and Oman, however in a Tweet on the ROP official account, Oman Police have said that visas on arrival will be an exceptional to the rule going forward.

This applies to people from all nationalities visiting the UAE’s neighbouring country.

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According to the Tweet, the move to make eVisas compulsory is designed and aimed to “facilitate easy and efficient processing at the border posts”. eVisas will reduce the wait time at border posts mainly during the holiday season.

To apply for an eVisa ahead of time, travellers will need to visit the online government portal, upload the passport copy, photo, make payment of 5 Omani Rials (Dirhams 50) and complete the online booking form. This will get you a 10-day unsponsored tourist eVisa to visit Oman.

According to the ROP official website, Visa processing can take up to four days for visas to be issued.

Tourists who enter Dubai are eligible to get a tourist visa to visit Oman, you’ll just need to have at least six months validity on your passport.

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