No ban on visas sponsored by spouse

No ban on visas sponsored by spouse
Below is a case study and the law regarding labour ban on visa sponsored by spouse.

A wife joined a Dubai based company and her visa is under husband sponsorship.Due to job pressure and internal problems she doesn’t want to continue at the job for her current employer.

The current employer insists that if she resigns within probation period (six months), she will have to pay the processing fee of labour card.The question is whether they should pay the labour card fee and will there a work ban on her?

From the legal view it is advised that the wife is not liable to pay the labour card processing fee as it is the responsibility of employer to bear this fees. The company cannot ask her to make any payments towards any of the expenses that should have made by the employer to obtain her labour card/work permit.

As per the current rules no ban is imposed by the Ministry of Labour on employees whose residence visa is sponsored by their spouse/family.

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  1. Good Day! I got a new job offer in Ajman Freezone and I was cancelled by my previous company in Dubai then I applied to cancel my daughter's visa as well. I have now my new Ajman freezone, what are the requirements do I need to sponsor visa for my daughter? Is there any salary requirement? How many days will it take to sponsor visa of my daughter? Please advise at the earliest as my daughter's visa in Dubai will expire tomorrow (Feb 20, 2014). Thank You in advance :)

  2. Visa requirements are same as Dubai visa and require documents like attested birth certificate, tenancy contract, emirates id, etc. Most probably it will be issued at the same time.

  3. i am an indian residing in bahrain,now got a visa to join uae company.My question is that do i need to cancel my bahrain visa to get stamped uae visa.
    kindly guide here.

  4. Hi I resign in my previous work and my labour card and visa was cancel the same date of my labour card which I reach 2 years I just want to clarifiy if I will still get ban from them?and 2nd my husband will sponsors me under his company but my visa says that I should exit before august 10 but the processing of my husband visa is not yet done,it will be delayed because of some issue because my husband visa is under Dubai visa and they said before sponsoring his salary should be 10k so his company working to transfer his visa to Rak where my husband working so its possible to have sponsored me as in Rak 5k only is tha salary required ,do I need to exit or I can just pay penalty of over staying until my husband visa finished?


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