Labour Ban for Quitting Job on Vacation

Wants to know if a labour ban may be imposed when you quit a UAE job while abroad.

A ban may be imposed on you if you have worked in a company and quit your job while on vacation. It doesn’t matter that how many years you have worked for this company.

If you went for a vacation and didn’t return for work due to some reason then you may be imposed with a labour ban by the Ministry of Labour in UAE. This is applicable for an employee with unlimited contract and valid visa. The procedure of giving resignation while on vacation is not acceptable as per UAE Labour Law. The original passport should be submitted to your company for visa cancellation.

The quitting of job while on vacation is contrary to the UAE Labour Law and therefore the residence of the person will be cancelled automatically by the Department of Naturalization and Residency. Then the sponsor of the employee may submit application to the Ministry of Labor along with the cancellation of the residence by the Department of Naturalization and Residency.

The sponsor company may ask the Ministry of Labor to cancel the labor card of employee as well as to impose one year work ban by the Ministry of labour. In this the person will not be able to enter UAE for work visa until after one year. He cannot apply for a new job in Dubai in this case.

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  1. Is the employee also blacklisted and have problem in entry after 1 year

  2. I'm on my vacation period here in dubai. I can resign or not? Any kind of fine need to pay?


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