How to apply for or renew Emirates ID card online

Emirates ID Authority has launched a new advanced e-form which can be used to apply for or renew national ID cards through online for residents across the UAE.

The online applicants can use this to fill the application form easily either in Arabic or English within 10 minutes. This will save the 30 Dirhams typing fee for users. Applicants using typing offices will have to pay the typing fees.

The fees payment for Emirates ID can be made online using credit cards.

The applicant has to create an online account on to get the application form. Once the form is filled and payment is made, a SMS will be sent to the applicant’s mobile number given at the time of registration with RAN [Registration Application Number]. If required the application can be printed for the reference.

Emiratis have to scan and upload original passport and family book while expatriates have to scan the original passport only. Expatriates have to scan the first page and the valid visa page of the passport along with the online Emirates ID application.

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