Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Residence visa and Work permit cancellation


UAE Residence Entry Permit
Normally the company who has employed you in UAE will arrange for the cancellation of your residence visa and work permit when you have resigned for changing the job or terminated or at the time of voluntary retirement.

The company sponsored items should have to return for completing the residence or work permit cancellation procedure. Personally procured items like flat in your name, bank accounts, credit cards, telephone subscriptions, electricity and water accounts can be retained if you are not leaving the UAE and only changing the jobs. If you are living in accommodation provided by the company then you will have to vacate it once your visa is cancelled.

If your work visa is in one of the UAE free zones, then your employer and your sponsor are not same - the free zone authority will be the sponsor and not your employer. The free zone authority will issue the required documents for everything.

The work permit cancellation before completing two years in a company will attract an employment ban of six months in the labour department.


  1. I have employer visa entry permit, after a month of work my company decided to close the business due to lack of income. my visa entry permit will expire 09-MAY-2014. there will be a ban in labor?. if I apply another job?

    1. If your residence is not stamped in the passport then your living in Dubai after 09-May-2014 will be illegal. It is better to contact the Ministry of Labour and specify your case. They will advise you the best solution in this case.

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  3. I came here with empolyement entry permit. due to my health reason I resigned from the company on 1 st week it 2 weeks over.not getting any information from the company.Passport and my certificates is with company. now I want to go medical and visa stamping is not done
    Please tell me what should I do.


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