4 New labour rules for getting Work Permits from today

UAE Ministry of LabourThe UAE Ministry of Labour has specified four types of violations which will disqualify a company or employer from getting new work permits and opening a commercial register for setting up a new business or establishment.

The new set of standards will come into effect from today onwards. If the employer is not following these rules, the ministry will not issue the ‘Establishment card’ or new work permits to recruit employees; if any of his companies/establishments or if another company in which he/she is a partner has committed any of these four specific rule violations. The employer would not get these also if any of his partners in the new company has a company which has committed the violations.

The four new violations are considered serious and stated as follows:
  1. Nonpayment of the salary of employee(s) for two months or more
  2. Nonpayment of the administrative fines due to the Ministry of Labour for four months
  3. Non-issuance or renewal of labour cards to employees for four months from the date the new worker has entered the UAE or from the date of expiry of an existing employees work permit card
  4. Non-renewal of the trade licence of the establishment for four months from the expiry date.
The new rule comes into effect by the resolution issued by Saqr Ghobash Saeed Ghobash - the Labour Minister.

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