Sharjah Residence Visa Stamping Requirements

Sharjah Visa
Issuing Residence visa from Sharjah immigration department is divided into two sections as work residence for companies and family.
  1. Private Company employees are issued with Residence for two year validity only.
  2. Servants residency is valid for two years
  3. Government employees and partner’s residency are valid for 3 years.
  4. Family Residence visa for families of private company employees will be issued for two years and the families of the partners and the government employees are issued for three years.
The Documents required to stamp New Residence in Sharjah are following:
  • Original passport and copy.
  • The original entry permit.
  • Establishment Card Copy for partners.
  • Copy of trade license for partners.
  • Medical examination with validity of 3 months.
  • Residency application signed and stamped by the sponsor.
  • Emirates Id card.

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  1. For taking sharjah residence visa for new born baby born in india, ,should we have to attest his birth certificate


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