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Cancellation of Sponsor's UAE Residence Visa only


Cancellation of UAE Residence
Dubai immigration department provides the facility to cancel the sponsor’s visa without the cancellation of his dependant’s visa. This allows a person to change hisemployment without cancelling his family’s residence status. The procedures of Naturalization and Residency Administration of Dubai allows to cancel the visa residence of a labour sponsor (who will have a work permit card) or labour sponsor under residency and foreign affairs (partner or investor) without canceling the residence visa of the sponsored persons.      

Required Documents:

The documents required will be based on the organisation he is going to join from his current position. In the case of having a job opportunity in the private sector, then the Documents required will be:
  • Cancellation application
  • Work permit issued from the ministry of labor with the salary certificate from the new company or the initial approval from the ministry of labour that the salary will not to be less than Dhs.3000 with accommodation or Dhs.4000 for the permissible jobs
In case of having a job opportunity in the Government or semi-government sector, then the Documents required will be:

  • Cancellation applications
  • Salary certificate with salary not to be less than Dhs.4000 and over or Dhs.3000 plus accommodation
General documents required are following:
  • The original passport Copy of the sponsored passports with the valid visa residence and  the sponsored should be inside the UAE.
  • Cancellation certificate approved by the ministry of labor for Private sector jobs or the cancellation applications attested from the General Directorate of residence and foreign affairs for public sector jobs. The UAE original identity card (Emirates ID)
AED.70.00 cancellation fees to be paid through e-form at the typing centers
AED.5,030.00 a refundable security deposit which will be refunded when a new residence visa is issued for the sponsor
AED.130.00 for sponsored closure

The penalty fees will be calculated by the ministry system for each day passing after the cancellation of sponsor visa.

The interim closure procedure will not be completed on the passports of family until amending of the sponsor’s status is finished. Temporary closure is made on the family passports while changing the data. The sponsored persons may not leave the UAE during the closure period until the new visa is stamped in sponsor’s passport and details are updated.

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  1. is it necessary that the sponsored has to be present in UAE to get his/her visa cancelled?


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