UAE Rental Law for Sub Lease contract

In the recent news outbreak of Saudi conman lease scam the people should be more aware about the sub lease contract agreement in UAE. As per the RERA Dubai the sub lease agreements should not be made unless the tenant has written approval from the landlord or property owner for sub lease. People are falling prey to fraudsters because of insufficient information about laws in the emirates.

UAE Rental Law concerning to the sub lease is following one.

According to Law No 26, Article 8, 2007 Regulating Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants In The Emirate of Dubai, sublease contract between tenant and subtenant shall expire by expiry of tenancy contract between landlord and tenant, unless landlord expressly agrees on the extension of sublease contract period. The law also states that if the tenant sublease premises, or part thereof, without the landlord's written approval and in such case eviction shall be applicable to subtenant, and his right to refer to tenant for compensation shall be reserved.

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