Government employee allowances in UAE

The UAE Government employee rules states that if the employment contract contains that his department will pay for the annual ticket for himself and his approved family dependents; then he has the eligibility to claim all his rights in the contract agreement. 

In UAE the relationship between an employee and company employer is regulated by the labour agreement. If the contract agreement between them creates rights or obligations for an employee or on his employer they have to follow this agreement.

So far an husband is entitled to claim airfare for his authorised dependents like wife and child from his company if it is stated in the labour contract although his wife may work for another company. The husband is entitled to receive all allowances like House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, etc specified in his labor contract. The employer should not deduct the husband's salary with the amount of allowances his spouse is receiving from her employer.

The relationship between the husband and his employer is controlled by the labour agreement. Hence, the husband has the eligibilty to get all his rights in the agreement with his company.

Source: uae labor law
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