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How do I change the mobile phone number linked with my Emirates ID card (EID)?

Now a days the rate of requests to register with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for vaccination appointment in Dubai has seen an increase and ...

Emirates ID UAE - How to Update Mobile Number

Now a days the rate of requests to register with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for vaccination appointment in Dubai has seen an increase and MRN number (Medical Registration Number) is required in order to take an appointment schedule for the vaccination. 

To obtain the MRN an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered and linked under your Emirates ID card (EID). The mobile number given at the time of EID application is the number registered with ICA and in the case of most of the employees in UAE are given with the PRO's mobile-number who is doing the visa process for the company instead of giving the EID holder's number in the application. 

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The mobile number linked on your EID need to be changed so that you can receive the One Time Password (OTP) or you will need to call the PRO to get the OTP to continue the registration on DHA website to receive the MRN number.

Process to change mobilephone no. in EID?

Below is the process to change the mobile no. linked with you Emirates ID card:

The EID holder is need to be physically present inorder to update the details on the ID card and to modify the mobile number.

Option 1: The modification be done via the Smart Police Station Kiosk. The change of no. is done at the police station through the Kiosk. 

  1. The Emirates ID will be inserted to the card reader
  2. The second step is to enter the new mobile number to be updated and put EID holder's biometrics fingerprint as shown on the screen. 
  3. An OTP will be sent to the new mobile number, then the updation process will be completed.
Note: In some cases the Smart Kiosk might be showing your actual number while DHA website showing PRO's. In this case you will need to follow the second or third option.

Option 2: The update can be done directly at the typing centres located around the UAE. EID must be taken along with you and physically present at the typing centre. Tell the typing centre for the update to be done, they will make the amendment application and biometrics will be captured. This updates the linked no. and will be done within 24-48 hours. 

There are lot of typing centres in UAE which provides these services for companies and individuals. Individuals can visit the typing-offices in person and complete the EID update yourself. Below link provides the location, phone no. and working hours of typing-centers in UAE.

Fees for the service

The fees to be paid to ICA is Aed. 50 and typing charges of Aed. 10. You need to spend 60 dirhams for the complete process.

For more information regarding the Emirates ID processing and making these changes you may contact EIDA (Emirates ID Authority) by calling Phone# 6005-30003.

The typing offices uses the ICA website's ONLINE UPDATE OPTION for updating the mobile number associated with your EID.

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