Friday, 2 April 2021

Adnoc beach reopened in Ruwais

Adnoc beach reopened in Ruwais area. The adnoc official Ruwais area website announced the reopening of ADNOC beach in Ruwais. Opening Hours ...

Adnoc beach reopened in Ruwais area. The adnoc official Ruwais area website announced the reopening of ADNOC beach in Ruwais.

Opening Hours : 9am - 6pm

To ensure the continued safety of our community please follow the precautionary measures set as per government legislation and regulations. 


  • Limited capacity of 100 visitors at any one time
  • Maintain 2.0 meter Physical Social Distancing,  except for family members
  • Parking capacity restricted to 50%
  • Anyone with a temperature of 37.8°C or beyond shall not be allowed to enter
  • All visitors must wear face masks to enter the beach area
  • Food and beverage outlets, if any, shall reduce their capacity to 30%, with a maximum of 4 people per table, and tables shall be distanced at least 2.5 m from each other
  • Restrictions for groups, couples and individuals shall be in place, where in the maximum number of people in a group shall be limited to four
  • Water sports are not available 
  • Outdoor showers are available
  • Indoor showers shall remain closed
  • Please bring your own towel and bottle of water
  • In case of emergency alert the security guard
All visitors to Ruwais beach must strictly follow the rules and regulations set by the officials to avoid getting fines.

Once a fishing village, the Ruwais city now comprise of 24,000 people. Most of the people in the city is living in the apartments of Ruwais Housing Complex built by Adnoc. 

The housing complex contains sports and recreations facilities. The children of the families living in the area can utilise the eight schools under various curriculums. Most of the students in these schools are children of Adnoc employees. 

The Ruwais city also runs a state university which provides separate campuses for men and women. The Ruwais's shopping mall consists of 261 outlets providing enough for the residents. The city also has a hospital of it's own which is operated by NMC Healthcare.

The major developments are made to this urban area of Abu Dhabi by Adnoc.

Timeline of Ruwais City

1971 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company established

1980 Ruwais Housing Complex built, located 10 kilometres away from industrial plants

1982 120,000 bpd capacity Ruwais refinery complex officially inaugurated by the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed

1984 Second phase of Ruwais Housing Complex built. Today the 7,000-unit complex houses some 24,000 people.  

1985 The refinery is expanded with the commissioning of a 27,000 b/d hydro cracker complex

2009 Plans announced to build $1.2 billion fertilizer plant in Ruwais, producing urea

2010 Adnoc awards $10bn contracts for expansion of Ruwais refinery, to double capacity from 415,000 bpd

2014 Ruwais 261-outlet shopping mall opens

2014 Production starts at newly expanded Ruwais refinery, providing jet fuel and diesel and allowing the UAE to be self-sufficient for petrol supplies

2014 Etihad Rail begins transportation of sulphur from Shah and Habshan to Ruwais for export

2017 Aldar Academies to operate Adnoc’s schools including in Ruwais from September. Eight schools operate in total within the housing complex.

2018 Adnoc announces plans to invest $3.1 billion on upgrading its Ruwais refinery 

2018 NMC Healthcare selected to manage operations of Ruwais Hospital

2018 Adnoc announces new downstream strategy at event in Abu Dhabi on May 13


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