50 percent discount on traffic fines by Abu Dhabi police

Abu Dhabi: Motorists with fines charged to them and not paid can get up to a 50 percent discount if the fines are paid to the department before June 22. 

Abu Dhabi Police reminded drivers that they can benefit of a 50 percent rebate on fines for minor traffic offenses carried out before December 22, 2019 and avoid vehicle impoundment or black points. 

The fines received after December 22 2019 for minor traffic offences, drivers are qualified to get a 35 percent discount if their fines are paid inside 60 days of comitting the traffic violation, while the individuals who left it longer than 60 days can get a 25 percent rebate. 

The discount percentage won't be relevant to fines given for hazardous or dangerous offenses. 

The Abu Dhabi Police highlighted their consistent enthusiasm for urging citizenrs to hold and follow to the laws and guidelines, lighten their financial expenses, and empower them to settle their lawful status and decrease traffic offenses and violations. 

The traffic fine payment is available at the online website of Abu Dhabi Police and can be paid via credit cards. The Abu Dhabi Police's website and the Smartphone Application is also available.  

Pay Traffic Fines in Installments

The customers of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Mashreq Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank can pay the fines in the Abu Dhabi Police Website and pay the amount in Installments upto a period of one year without interest.

This easy service assistance expects to make it simpler for drivers and vehicle proprietors to pay their fines in insatllments. The Abu Dhabi Police are additionally working with different banks in the country to offer the easy payment plan support.

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