Monday, 18 November 2013

Sharjah Visit Visa fees updated


The Sharjah Visit Visa rule applies to tourists who wish to spend more than 14 days in the UAE and for people coming for family visits as well as for those people on long-term business visits. To get a Visit Visa requires the sponsorship of any UAE resident or any registered company or hotel/tour operator licensed to operate within the UAE.

This type of visa is valid for entry within two months from the date of issue.The Visit Visa is valid for 30 days and is renewable for a total stay of up to 90 days. Dhs. 500 fee is charged for the renewal process. A Visit Visa holder can change his status to residence or employment provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

SATA is a accredited UAE based travel agency with 9 branches located in Sharjah, Ajman and RAK. Tourist visa is available for one month and further extendable for one more month and visit visa for 3 months are also available.

There is no security deposit for families and no need for salary certificate or rental agreement. The sucerity deposit has been reduced to Dhs.2000 only for sponsoring friends and relatives.

Tourist Visa Valid for 30 Days (Extendable for 30 more days)
Fee: AED 400 (Medical Insurance inclusive)
Security Deposit: AED 2,000 (Refundable)
Ticket Advance: AED 700

Long Term Visa Valid for 90 Days (Non Extendable)
Fee for male: AED 1,660 + Medical Insurance
Security Deposit: AED 2,000 (Refundable)
Ticket Advance: AED 700
(Only for Male Friends & Relatives)

14 Days Service Visa
Fee: AED 420 + Medical Insurance
Security Deposit: AED 2,000 (Refundable)
Ticket Advance: AED 700

96 Hours Transit Visa
Fee: AED 250 per person

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