Termination of Employment Contract

As per the provisions of Article 113 of the UAE Labour Law, an employment contract may be terminated. The law states that “A contract of employment shall terminate in any of the following cases by the either parties.

  • If both employer and employee agree to its termination, on condition that the employee’s consent is given in writing
  • On the expiry of the specified period prescribed in the contract, unless the labour contract is expressly or tacitly extended in accordance with the provisions of this Law
  • If either parties of the contract concluded for an unlimited period, expresses his/her intention to terminate the contract provided that the provisions of the Labour Law regarding the period of notice are observed and on grounds accepted for the non-arbitrary termination of the contract
  • If you do not want to terminate the employment contract, your sponsor or employer cannot decide alone to terminate the contract in good faith. In the case of employer terminating the contract, it may be deemed to be arbitrary termination in accordance with Article 122 of Labour Law, which states: “A worker’s service shall be deemed to have been arbitrarily terminated by his employer if the reason for the termination is irrelevant to the worker and, more particularly, if the reason is that the worker has submitted a serious complaint to the competent authorities or has instituted legal proceedings against the employer that has proved to be valid.”

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  1. hi
    i have come on visit visa to UAE sponsored y emirates airlines. i got a job in Abu Dhabi. after completing 21 days of work, i have resigned due to some personal reasons. i haven't signed on labour contract, i only signed offer letter and started working. but my employer threatens me put a lifetime ban if i leave the job. my passport is with them. after requesting a lot, they accepted my resignation but haven't returned my passport and said it will only be returned when get a replacement for me. and they said salary will not be paid as well, as they have deposited money for visa expenses and all. please tell what should i do? i am chemical engineer by profession from India. i work for LLC company.


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