Labour law for over 60 free zone workers

The UAE Labour Law on retirement age has been amended by the ministry effecting the age limit from 60 to 65 years. The employment visa for over aged employees are issued subject to the Ministry of Interior approval.

The same law applies to employees in private companies including private company in a free zone. It is not mandatory for employers to renew the visas for over aged staff and not obliged to extend employment contracts to employees beyond the age of 60. Sponsor should make a request to Ministry of Interior to keep the employee remain working in the UAE.

Dubai free zone authority has their own regulations for work visas although these are based on UAE Federal law - 1980 no 8 which covers laws relating to employment.

The renewal of work visas for employees of companies incorporated in the free zone and who already reached the age of 60 is subject to the approval from Ministry of Interior. The ministry may renew the work visa of such employees aged 60 or over for one year. The Ministry of Interior may renew the employment visa for one year on expiry at its discretion and continue this process until the person reaches 65.

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