Providers of Transit visas in Dubai

Transit visas are provided to passengers passing through the UAE airports. Transit visas in Dubai are classified into two by Dubai General Directorate of Foreign Affairs and are following.
  1. Valid for 96 hours
  2. Valid for 14 days
Only airlines, tourism firms can provide this visa in Dubai and UAE and you will be able to take a transit visa and visit the UAE if you have a valid ticket for a continuing flight with its airline office branch is located within United Arab Emirates.
A transit visa will be issued to individuals who have a valid ticket for an onward flight by any airline that has an office within the UAE. Therefore, you should contact the airlines office well ahead of the trip to ensure the possibility of transit visa in Dubai.

Dubai Airport is a main hub in the Middle East region for European journeys. In 2012 more than 11 million passengers have used Dubai airport. Transit visas are also sponsored by tourist companies operating in the UAE. Hence, their services may be required if a particular air line does not provide a visa.

The major providers of transit visa in Dubai are following:

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