Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to check UAE Visa status online?


Residents can now check the UAE Visa Status through online. The website of immigration is now enabled to give the status of Entry permit validity, eDNRD Application Status, eForm Appplication Status and Residence validity. The service is provided by GDRFA-Dubai through eDNRD website.

Dubai is a city with different nationalities that has endless ways to enjoy and gain experience. The online service has enabled the completion of transactions of GDRFA through online systems. This has reduced the time spend in the administration building or service centers of immigration department.

GDRFA-D eServices is an online integrated immigration processing system designed to reduce the time you spend on making your application and other transactions with GDRFA-D. All details should be provided as per the residence visa stamped in your passport to check your UAE Visa Status. If your visa is issued from Dubai, then you can check online through the DNRD website. Look for the term "Query DNRD App" in


tijothomas said...

how can i check my new visa status in abu dhabi

Zainul th said...

Abu dhabi visa status check is so far not available.

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