Thursday, 8 July 2021

Sponsorship transfer in Dubai: Fines and procedures

GDRFA Dubai announced that sponsorship transfer of foreigner employees and amending their status so that they become sponsored by your estab...

GDRFA Dubai announced that sponsorship transfer of foreigner employees and amending their status so that they become sponsored by your establishment, or issuing required work permits for them, releases you from penalty of Aed 50,000. #gdrfadubai

The United Arab Emirates government will amend labor laws to allow the transfer of sponsorships for all categories of employed expatriate workers. However, workers who want to change jobs must obtain a clearance certificate (NOC - No Objection Certificate) from their employer before they can make the transfer.

The plans are to amend labor laws to allow sponsorship transfers for all categories of foreign workers, an official said. "All foreign employees can transfer their sponsorship, but under certain conditions," said Dr. Khalid Al Khazraji, the Secretary of State for the Department of Labor and Social Affairs told media yesterday. 

However, workers must still obtain a Certificate of No Objection (NOC) from their sponsor before they can switch. Al Khazraji added, "The decision, which will come into effect shortly, allows Masters or PhD professionals an unlimited number of times to transfer their sponsorship while working in the country." 

One year of service with the original employer is required before they will be able to transferred sponsorship. The corresponding fees are 1,500 dirhams. 

“Employees with a bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification may only transfer their sponsorship twice during their employment with the company.” 

They must have spent at least two years with the original sponsor. For this category the transfer costs Dh3,000. 

Regarding the low-skilled, he said: “This category can only transfer your sponsorship once during your employment and only after you have worked for your current employer for at least three years.

The associated fees for low qualification people's sponsor-transfer are 5,000 dirhams. 

"In all cases the consent of the original and the new sponsor remains a prerequisite for the transfer of the visa and the fees must be paid by the new employer," said Dr. Al Khazraji. 

If the people have used all the number of permitted transfers then the workers must leave the country. You can return on a different work visa after completing a blocking period of up to one year. 

Anyone who has fulfilled their obligations under the employment contract receives a six-month ban, who does not meet these obligations receives a one-year ban. 

Currently, the facility is open indefinitely to certain graduates and postgraduates who are required to stay with the original employer for at least a year and obtain their approval. A Ministry of Labor source said regardless of the new law and rules, individuals who believe they are wrongly denied the opportunity to do so, regardless of the new law to transfer the sponsorship can contact the ministry.

"In some cases we approve of administrative sponsorship transfer, where the ministry agrees to transfer the sponsorship of a person, regardless of the sponsor's decision.

"This is used in cases where the worker feels the sponsor has been unnecessarily harsh or unfair. I'm not saying it's a common move but we can do this."

This is used in cases where the employee believes the sponsor is unnecessary was tough or unfair.

A twitter user has asked below question to GDRFAD. This means that if any employee is caught without work permit from a company premise and issued with a penalty of Dh. 50k by the labour department, which will be removed if the company issue an employment visa to that employee under the same company. @GDRFADUBAI

Number of transfers
Minimum service period
One year
Two years
Three years

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