Latest Update: Quarantine in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Date: 09 Sep 2020 Quarantine rules explained if visitors need to move from other emirates to Abu Dhabi.

Quarantine rules Abu Dhabi

Quarantine regulations

What are the quarantine guidelines that need to be followed when you land in the UAE? 

According to NCEMA, anyone travelling to the UAE from abroad should commit to a home quarantine of 14 days and follow the instructions of the local health authorities.

Quarantine from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

People in Dubai only need to undergo quarantine if they test positive at the airport, on arrival. For other emirates, a mandatory 14-day quarantine is necessary.

The new regulations apply to residents and visitors.

What happens if you want travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

1. People at landing at Abu Dhabi airport will be transferred to institutional quarantine for a 14 day period. They will be tested at the government isolation facility and should complete 14-day quarantine, even after a negative COVID-19 test result.

2. Families landing at Abu Dhabi airport also will be transferred to the institutional quarantine.

3. The people who will be coming to the UAE on a visit or residence visa and landed in Dubai or Sharjah airport and if they need travel and stay in Abu Dhabi they should observe a institutional quarantine for two weeks. The individual will be registered at the Ghantoot border and will be taken to government facility by bus. Food will be provided by the authorities. Wifi service is available in the rooms.

All expenses for quarantine are bearing by the government. People who landed at other emirates airports will not able to enter Abu Dhabi even after COVID-19 negative test result.

Hotline for your Queries

For queries related to COVID-19 regulations, people can call the Weqaya hotline - 800 WEQAYA.

Fine for violating quarantine regulations.

Heavy fines are implemented to help the authorities to stop the spread of virus in the country. 

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