Paternity leave announced for private sector employees in UAE

Paternity leave in UAE

Fathers working in the UAE for the private sector is entitled of a 5 day paternity leave, the rule was announced on Sunday.

The decree stipulating the above was issued by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The leave can be taken by the employee from the time of birth of the baby till he/she is 6 months old.

The decree, which has made the United Arab Emirates the first Arab country to grant private sector employees with paternity leave. This aims to strengthen the country's leadership,achieve family stability and cohesion,  reinforce its competitiveness in the area of gender balance, and encourage young people to work in the private sector, as paternity leave becomes one of the advantages offered by the private sector.

General Info about Maternity and paternity leaves in UAE

Males working in the UAE's private sector companies can now take the five-day paid paternity leave to take care of their newborns, the rule was announced on Sunday. 

According to the latest decree, which time can a private sector employee take the paternity leave?

Male staff of private firms can avail of the leave within six months of the child's birth.

Are male government employees entitled to paternity leave?

Currently, government employees are granted a three-day paternity leave. It's not immediately clear if the latest decree increases their paternity leave days.

How many days of maternity leave are granted to women working in the private sector?

Female employees of the private sector get a 45-day maternity leave. After delivery, they are entitled to two 30-minute additional breaks daily for nursing their newborns. They are entitled to such breaks for 18 months following the date of delivery.

What is the maternity leave policy for government staff?

According to the official UAE government website, women working in the federal government are entitled to 90 days of maternity leave. At the end of this period, they can take two hours off work to nurse their newborns. Abu Dhabi government employees get a similar maternity leave.

Dubai and Sharjah government employees get 90 days of maternity leave, with the option to add 30 days of unpaid leave to it.

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