Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Visa denied for Live-in Relationship

Immigration department has issued warnings for people who violate rules and will have problems for their visa and living in UAE.

Top immigration official Ibrahim Al Madbouli said that ONLY married couples will get family residence visas and they should present marriage certificates. A man will not be able to sponsor a woman if he has not married her, but she can come on a visit or a job visa.

People who are living with pre arrangements and live-in relationship will have to face consequences.

“We have come across a number of cases in which unmarried couples approached the department to legalise their status. If a woman who has a valid residence visa get pregnant out of wedlock, she might face problems as she has to be married to get a birth certificate for the child and only if there is a birth certificate, the child will get a visa,” said Al Madbouli.

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