Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lost Emirates ID replacement

Emirates ID
The individuals who have lost Emirates ID should submit a request to issue a replacement for lost, stolen or damaged ID card with the same unique ID
(UID) Number. As per the law; Emirates ID card holder or their legal representatives are required to report the loss or damage or theft of their Emirates ID card to the nearest Emirates ID registration centre within 7 days and apply for a replacement.

The holder is responsible if he doesn’t report the loss or theft within the stipulated time. Otherwise he or she will be legally bonded for not informing the authority.

The Identity card holder is responsible for notifying the authority when his/her Identity card is lost or stolen. They should visit the nearest registration center in order to cancel the Identity card and issue “ID number certificate”. This will initiate the process for issuing a replacement card.

The authority provides two ways to apply for the replacement card. The applicant can use the authorized typing offices or through the eform available on the authority’s website. Then the applicant has to visit one of the authority’s registration centers located across the UAE to finish the procedure.

Procedure to complete for replacement card
  • Kindly click here for the e-Service or follow the steps below:
  • Visit the nearest Emirates ID registration centre and request a stamped certificate of ID Number.
  • Submit the required documents at any authorized typing centre.
  • Receive the replacement card.
Required documents
  1. Original Valid passport 
  2. Family book For UAE nationals
  3. Old card in the case of damaged card
  4. Valid residence visa stamped in the passport for expatriates
A Card Replacement fee of AED 300 has to be paid. The payment is only accepted in cash or credit card and personal cheques are not accepted.

The replacement Emirates ID which is linked to a residency visa will expire on the same date as the original ID card.

Salary must be Dh 20,000 to sponsor parents in UAE

UAE Visa - sponsor parents in UAE
As per the new residence visa rules the expatriates who has salary less than Dh20,000 will not be eligible to sponsor their parents on residence visa in the UAE.

The new visa ruling requires applicants to provide the proof of either having a minimum salary of Dh20,000 or a monthly payslip of Dh19,000 plus a two-bedroom accommodation. This new development has arised concern for residents who was here for a long period.

This will disallow low scale salary holders from getting their mother or father permanently to the UAE.

Earlier rules regarding Parent Sponsorship

According to earlier visa rules which was in place until a few weeks ago, expatriates with a proof of Dh10,000 salary or Dh9,000 salary per month plus accommodation was able to sponsor their parents on a permanent basis.

The minimum salary clause is updated in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs new list of requirements for those seeking to obtain residence visa for their parents under ‘Humanitarian Cases’. The rule is issued by the Ministry of Interior and will be applicableall over UAE.
Before this rule the actual requirement was Dh7,000 or Dh6,000 plus accommodation. As the current rules the residents wanting to sponsor their parents should also submit the proof that they are living in a two bedroom apartment.

The tenancy contract should be officially attested in the Municipality or Ejari in Dubai. Similarly, the labour contract which has the proof of salary must be attested by the Ministry of Labour.
The sponsor must also pay a security deposit of Dh2,000 per parent after getting approval for sponsorship from the special committee that handles Humanitarian Cases.

Apart from these, UAE expats must also provide the letter to prove that their parents are entirely dependent on the sponsor and that there is no one to take care of them back home. This has to be certified by the concerned embassy or consulate of the sponsor’s home country.

It’s not clear about the status of parents who are already in the UAE on residence visas. As per the gulf news report no comments was available from DNRD.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Dubai health insurance Law

The new Dubai health insurance law has been formulated which will be implemented from the beginning of year 2014 in several phases which will be completed by 2016. This will bring every Dubai resident under the health insurance protection for residents offering the basic health coverage.

Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of Funding at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has said that the entire population of the Dubai emirate will come under the scope of the new health insurance law including nationals and expatriates. The health insurance scheme for visitors will be reviewed later. When the new rules will come into effect, the living in Dubai will require a mandatory health insurance scheme.

The insurance scheme will replace the DHA health card and with the implementation of this law there will be no health card for residents living in Dubai. All DHA facilities like clinics and hospitals will become part of the insurance network. The DHA health card will be replaced by the insurance card. Companies have to provide a basic health coverage plan with an annual premium between Dh500-Dh700 and a max. insurance cover per person per annum will be Dirhams.150,000 for residents living in Dubai.

The basic coverage under the scheme includes:

  • GP visits.
  • Referral to specialists.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Tests and investigations.
  • Maternity and emergencies.

As per the law companies cannot charge the employees with the insurance premium and DHA has strict punitive laws in force to take action if an employee files a complaint.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ajman Visit Visa fees update

Visit visas to Ajman can be obtained for immediate members in the family. The residents of UAE who has a monthly salary not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation can sponsor a family member for the visit visa.

Validity of Visit Visa:

Short term visa is valid for 30 days and Long term visa is valid for 90 days. Extensions are not allowed beyond this period.

Fees for Short term visa is AED 620 including application fees and typing fees. Long term visa costs AED 1120 including application fee and typing fees.

A security deposit of AED 1000 has to be paid, which will be refunded after your relative has left the country. Original receipt of deposit should be submitted along with refund application.

Documents Required:
  • Application form filled at a typing centre.
  • A clear copy of the sponsor’s passport & applicant (family member) passport copy.
  • 1 photo of the sponsored
  • Marriage contract duly attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of sponsoring a wife or husband.
  • Attested birth certificate for sponsoring children
  • Proof of relationship attested from the applicant's Embassy (in case the relationship cannot be proven from the family names in sponsor passport and passport of relative)
  • Attested work contract if the sponsor is working in a private company or a salary certificate if working in government.
  • Traveler Medical Insurance.
  1. Go to any of the authorized typing centre & get application form typed.
  2. Go to DNRD centre & submit along the application along with your documents in Visa Section.
  3. Visa will be issued at the same time if documents are correct. Send either original visa or copy to your relative.
If only copy was sent, then original should be deposited the airport before the flight arrival of the relative. Hala service in Sharjah airport and Dnata in Dubai airport provide this service.

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