Medical Fitness Test Procedure in Dubai

Dubai Residence visa applicants are required to go through the medical fitness test in Government medical fitness centres to get the visa stamped in your passport. The medical centre locations are organized and staff is very helpful. Normal medical test application may take you two or three hours to get the blood and x-ray tests to be completed. The report of normal application will come through Zajel courier service after two days.

The application of 24 hour service will enable you to complete the complete the procedure in 30 minutes and the report will be available from the counter within 24 hours. The application of 48 hour service will enable you to complete the complete the procedure in 1 hour and the report will be available from the counter within 48 hours.

The DHA staffs are well qualified and the medical centers are hygienic to international standards and the results can be received from the counter based on your application or through courier.

All of the check-ups that need to be done are actually blood test along with x-ray of chest. The blood test is to check for transmissible diseases including HIV and the x-ray of chest area is obtained for the purposes of checking Tuberculosis. The persons with previous scars of TB are not eligible to get their visas stamped. In the event the blood tests for Dubai visa are positive, the candidate will probably be deported from Dubai. If you think that you are suffering from a communicable disease it is advisable to be reviewed first in your home country.

 The Dubai Health Authority has made necessary arrangements for Medical Fitness screening service to all expatriates living in Dubai. DHA wants everyone in the luxurious city to reside and experience a comfortable lifestyle. This service is provided to people who need to obtain a new visa or renew an existing visa for employment, residency or education.

The screening tests requirement is based on the Federal Laws of the country to ensure a healthy living environment where the whole community in UAE is protected against infectious disease that may become a threat to the public health.

Click here to see the list of Medical Fitness screening centres

For more info Call 800342 (800DHA)

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    I got my medical test dome, my question is how long will it take for the reports to come

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    I did my medical test 14 days ago didn't get report yet. Two of my colleagues did with me they got report. Still no update on my report, Please someone help me for solve this problem.


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