Health Insurance is Mandatory to Visit Dubai

As per the new rules from GDRFA-Dubai, the health insurance has become mandatory item for tourists to enter the country. Every person who needs to enter UAE on a visit or tourist visa should get a health insurance policy regardless of the nationality, age or gender. Only persons who get visas on arrival are exempted from this rule.

In case of emergency the tourists and visitors can get free medical treatment as per the health insurance policy rules and regulations. Health insurance is a mandatory item to get any type of visit visa to the UAE.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai is looking after the matters concerning tourists’ health insurance. The companies, travel agents and tour operators should arrange for the health insurance policies for the visitors they are bringing in. The tourist company must follow up any person they brought here in case that person falls ill and needs to be hospitalized,” said Major General Al Merri – Director of GDRFA-D.

Noor Takaful Islamic Insurance is one of the authorized representative of GDRFA to issue health insurance policies for any type of visit visa to Dubai with a minimum coverage of Aed.150,000 per person per visiting. There are three different types of health policies according to the visit duration.
Policy price is calculated based on the duration and collected along with visa fees by travel agents and tour operators.
  • Aed40 for short-term visas valid for 30 days
  • Aed90 for visas 90 days validity
  • Aed185 for multiple entry visas which are valid for 180 days.
Health insurance policies can be purchased from special counters which are opened at the GDRFA’s headquarters in Bur Dubai, and other branches.

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